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Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

The Trevor Project published3 a new report titled, “Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ Youth Mental Health.” It examines depressed mood, suicide risk, and LGBTQ identity disclosure and acceptance among Asian/Pacific Islander (API) LGBTQ youth using data from our 2019 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health. You can read the full brief here. Below are the key findings and a quote from our research team.

Key Findings:

Most Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ youth were accepted by friends, and this acceptance reduced the risk of attempting suicide by more than half.

Asian/Pacific Islander youth were significantly less likely than non-API youth to share their LGBTQ identity with parents; however, they were just as likely to share with friends.

Transgender and nonbinary Asian/Pacific Islander youth were three times as likely to report a past year suicide attempt compared to cisgender API LGBTQ youth.

Statement from Amy E. Green, Ph.D. (she/her pronouns), Director of Research for The Trevor Project:

“Acceptance from parents and peers are two of the strongest protective factors for LGBTQ youth mental health. Although Asian/Pacific Islander youth were less likely to disclose their LGBTQ identity to parents, most Asian/Pacific Islander youth shared their LGBTQ identities and were accepted by friends. This acceptance reduced the risk of attempting suicide by more than half. These data highlight the need for culturally-grounded mental health care and suicide prevention initiatives that take into account the unique experiences of Asian/Pacific Islander LGBTQ youth.”

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