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Mass & Fun in Honor of Irog Joe’s 40th Day Memorial


While still in the mourning stage for the passing of our beloved co-publisher Joe Mauricio, we just observed his 40th day memorial last May 8th at Space Stage Productions Chicago studio owned by friends Salina Vest and Phil Contursi. Super thank you to both of you for your courtesy and generosity in offering your beautiful place to observe this traditional ritual for the dead, with mass officiated by Fr. Carlos Llagas. Of course, big thank you to the expert coordinator Maria Girlie Pascual for always transforming a sad event to a happy one, leaving everyone with good memories. Thank you to our dedicated Via Times/CPRTV staffers and friends who came and honored Irog’s memory… the wonderful performances by Louella Rose Cabalona with funny DJ Baron, Diva SarahLee Turner, the debonaire Jerry Masangcay for his divine and apropos song, “I Did It My Way”, the young CPRTV newscaster Brigette Carino Cueter (“Wind Beneath My Wings”). I truly enjoyed the impromptu song “I Will Survive” dedicated to me by fantastic singers VT/CPRTV staffers Girlie, Lou and Sarah (with James DC’s and Baron Cabalona’s expertise at the sound system). Thank you to my son Bobby Leighton, Christy Leighton, grandson Christian, sis Rhodora, niece Christina and family, staffers Jovie and Melody (with hubby Dino), and Jan Paul Ferrer. Guests came with lots of food to share…Faye Mendiola aka “Leilani” for her impromptu hula performance, Drs. Remy and Manuel M. Escalona, Jr, Dely Dalisay Villalon, Direk Gerry Rebello, Glenn Turner, Lisa Vasich, Marilin Solomon, Ruth Juachon & Eric Medina, Violeta Montoya, Jo and Dito Guerrero, and Ritz Carino. Absent but present in spirit, Daniel R. Gawat, Elizabeth Cambay Regacho, Maria Isabel Turtogo-Sacay and Salvy Marino, thank you so much for the delizzz food you sent.

May the soul of our beloved Irog Joe Mauricio rest in peace (RIP).

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