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Hall of Fame


By: Nancy Abiera


F Favorable-Character

A Acknowledged and

M Moving-Publicly-in

E Excellence

Via Times/CPR-TV honor men/women for 2018-2019 Hall of Fame for their service, gifts and talents offered to the community. We congratulate all of you HOF awardees. Thank God for Veronica Leighton, Joe Mauricio and company for their leadership. They recognized people and gave amazing appreciation for lives worth living.

My husband, Jonathan and I have been recipients of these honorable celebrations in previous years. Indeed, many of us have done great things for others and for the community.

Biblically, these are some Hall of Famers in the Scriptures: Joseph, Joshua, Solomon, David and Jesus. They had God’s favor, acknowledged by people as they moved publicly in excellence.

Let us focus on Jesus: the greatest man (fully human/God). He lived/died for all humanity. Thus, Jesus is in the greatest category for FAME worldwide.

Let us all reflect/honor Jesus in the Hall of Fame of our lives:

Jesus was humbly born on earth; left his glory in heaven redeeming our sonships in the heavenly realm. He lived like us yet showed us many powerful/practical examples on how to live Godly with grace, miracles, signs/wonder. He was rejected for our acceptance; cursed for our blessings; carried our diseases for our healing; was poor for our prosperity; and died so we can live life eternally.

I thereby honor Jesus for the greatest award for HOF in our lives. When we do such, Jesus honors us in return. Jesus in our hearts and ourselves get honored together as well. May we all honor Jesus and receive double awards for all.

Always choose “On A Bright Side”. I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet God loves you the most. Smile and be a blessing. . .

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