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Salute to the 2018 Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Famers


Marking the culmination of the celebration of the Filipino American History Month in the whole month of October (as passed by the US Congress in 2009), the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame annual gala event highlights the undeniably valuable contributions of the Filipino Americans in the United States of America in various aspects in arts, business. health, science & technology, government, etc.

For the last twenty-four years, we have proudly presented, recognized and saluted the most outstanding and accomplished Filipinos, Filipino Americans, Asian Americans and Friends of the Filipino, and in every gala year, we cannot help ourselves but be amazed at the parades of accomplished talents, professionals, and leaders that we encounter from all walks of life, not only in Chicago but throughout the world. Each encounter is considered the greatest experience in our lives, and we are always left enthralled, mesmerized and practically in awe with each experience.
Every year, the list of our hall of famers have brought together the same quest for excellence, leadership, friendship, and respect for people from all over the world, regardless of gender, religion or political affiliations. They serve and have always served as the role models for the youth (even oldsters) of the world.

To all Inductees of the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame, I can simply say that this gala event belongs to you. This is your dream event. So give it the magic that we all desire, through your achievements and performances, and your conduct. Always remember that you serve as the INSPIRATION for others to follow your footsteps, to emulate you, or even to be your own clone.”
In addition, I would like to add Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s wonderful message about our presence coinciding with the state’s 200th birthday in 2018, “During the yearlong Bicentennial celebration, we pay tribute to the people, places and things that are born, built, and grown here every single day. Together, we can inspire pride in Illinois and show the world what makes this state so great—and that includes the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame Inductees!”


Sgt. Ronald Bongat recipient of Most Outstanding Asian American in Police Enforcement.


Prof. Robert Boyer, recipient of Friend of Filipino in Education.


David & Jane Cannon & Family, recipient of Model Family/Humanitarian.


Elena de Jesus – Excellence in Nursing Leadership – National Award.


Marilou Dichosa – Entertainer of the Year


Atty. Wilma T. Eisma, International Award in Public Service.


Mayor Ron Falconi, recipient of Excellence in Public Service, National Award.


Geraldine Gaden, recipient of Community & Nursing Services.


Geraldine Guidote Hernandez, recipient of Young Achiever in Entrepreneurship.


Jerry Joyce, recipient of Friend of Filipino in Public Service.


Atty. Winnalynn Kantaris, recipient of Excellence in Law.


Gloria Key, recipient of Leadership in Religion and Community Service.


Ginalene Lopez, recipient of Excellence in Nursing/Home Health Entrepreneurship.


Jennifer Roan, CPA, recipient of Excellencein Finance/Accountancy.


Rowena Salas, recipient of VIA Woman of the Year.


Dr. Joel Sebag, DPT, recipient of Excellence in Music/Philanthropy.


Dr. Harold Sy, recipient of Excellence in Medicine.


Nick Vera Perez, recipient of VIA Man of the Year.


Salina Vest, recipient of Entrepreneurship in Film Industry.


Rommel Yarcia, recipient of Nursing Leadership & Management.


HOF trophy givers, front, left to right: Lourdes Livas, trophy sponsor, Consul General Gina Jamoralin. Back, L-R: trophy handlers Kayla Tejero & Maya Leighton, emcees Bobby Leighton & Maria Girlie Pascual.


“Ako Ay Pilipino” traditional parade by the Hall of Famers led by Man & Woman of the Year, Nick Vera Perez and Rowena Salas, respectively. Flag waver is Robert Chavez.


Via Man of the Year Nick Vera Perez and VIA Woman of the Year Rowena Salas, parading around the dance floor to the tuen of “Ako Ay Pilipino,” sung by Marilou Dichose, Entertainer of the Year.


Hall of Fame Master of Ceremonies Maria Girlie Pascual holding her “surprise” trophy award for Most Outstanding Service.

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