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Kris Dayrit Co-Founder CoinFlip


Kris Dayrit co-founded CoinFlip and serves as President and Chief Operating Offi cer. Kris guides, directs, and evaluates all team offi cers and is responsible for half of CoinFlip’s entire staff . He oversees CoinFlip’s Trade Desk, Logistics, Sales, Customer Success, Analytics, Cash Management, and Marketing Departments. He led the company’s hiring process during its 5-year 1.7M% growth and is largely responsible for creating the culture at CoinFlip, which was recently listed as a Top Workplace by the Chicago Tribune. Under his leadership, CoinFlip has closed deals for 3,000+ ATM locations across the United States and is on track to reach 4,000 ATM placements by the end of 2021.

Kris is a Certifi ed Cryptocurrency Expert that began his career as an ER nurse and developed his entrepreneurial spirit during the electronic cigarette industry’s infancy. Kris established a chain of e-cig stores and an e-juice manufacturing company before entering crypto. Utilizing his experience in nascent, highly regulated markets, Kris has helped navigate CoinFlip to the peak of the cash-to-crypto industry.


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