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Illinois College Football Fans Want Players to Earn Salaries of $144k per Season

Any college football fan would have picked up on the Supreme Court’s landmark decision earlier this year, which upended a decades-old NCAA model that considered college athletes as strictly amateurs, unable to be remunerated for playing their chosen sport. While the ruling still forbids salaries, it does allow college athletes to benefit financially in other ways. This could end up meaning athletes capitalizing monetarily on their celebrity status. Supreme Justice Kavanaugh described it as “an important and overdue course correction.”

While the court’s decision did categorically rule out salaries, it does beg the question— hypothetically, if they were to receive salaries, how much would be fair? FANDUEL.com posed this question to 3,000 college football fans in a survey that ran after the court ruling, which revealed some interesting results.

The study revealed that, on average, fans believe college football players should receive a yearly salary of $170,815. Not a bad salary for a 20-something- year-old, but some may be surprised that it is a little on the low side, considering that many of these athletes play in front of huge audiences, and have celebrity status themselves. However, when comparing against a median NFL salary, the survey result starts to make more sense. In fact, many are surprised to learn that the median NFL salary is “just” $860,000. For context, the median salary for a running back in the NFL is $630,000—not a shabby income, but these guys tend to only last around 3 years playing in the league.

However, different college football fans have different perceptions on what their players should be paid. The survey found that Florida fans of teams such as the Florida State Seminoles, the Florida Gators, and the Miami Hurricanes topped the salary expectation league. Fans think their players should receive an average salary of $228,920 per season. The survey found that fans of the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Northwestern Wildcats, would want their players to earn $144,593 per season. Mackenzie Thomas White Hot PR


Centenarian Gift for Lolo and Lola Living Abroad

Dear Editor, Do you know a 100- year old Lola or Lolo living abroad? Let them know that they stand to receive Php100,000 and a Letter of Felicitation from the Philippine President when they apply for the Centenarian Awards and Incentives!

As one of the primary implementing agencies that strongly lobbied for the passage of the Centenarians Act of 2016 (Republic Act 10868), the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) has prepared a comprehensive 30-page guidebook for those who wish to avail of the benefits under the law.

It shall also serve as a reference for the Philippine Foreign Service Posts, our partner government agencies, and local government units in assisting possible and eligible overseas Filipino centenarians. This guidebook likewise intends to motivate our younger generation to advocate for the rights and welfare of our Filipino elderly.

The guidebook covers an array of topics ranging from qualifications to documentary requirements, from the application process to the mode of receiving the awards and incentives, among other concerns.



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