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What a sadness to be old!


By: James DC


…..I got out from the supermarket and looked for the key of my car. It was not in my pockets. I went back inside and searched among tomatoes, potatoes and all the shelves attentively but found nothing.

Suddenly I realized that it could be left inside the car and the car could be stolen. I ran rapidly to the car park and THE CAR DISAPPEARED!

I called the police and gave them my position, the description of the car, the license plate, etc., etc., and I confessed that I left the key inside.

Then I made the most difficult call…..to my wife. Daaarling…..(my voice trembled) I left the key in the car and it’s stolen!

There was la long silence…..then she screamed: I drove you and dropped you at the supermarket before going to the hairdresser! MORON!

Not without embarrassment but happy, I said: How nice! So you’re coming to pick me up?

She screamed again: I can’t, idiot! I am in the Police station and I have to convince them that I didn’t steal the car!

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