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My Thank You’s to all Who Sent Get-Well Wishes

I’m deeply saddened by your recent experience since we just finished our conversation about my husband’s recent stroke and hospitalization. I’m praying for your speedy recovery. Please take it easy my vintage friend, love you!.

Andee Belarmino

Stay safe by resting. Sending prayers for good health

Brenda Stevens

Hope you’re feeling better this morning! Thank you for the interview! God bless.

Dr. Nida Blankas-Hernaez

Hello! So sorry to hear. Wow, hope you are okay! Thank you for this. I have forwarded to my parents. Thank you so much! Take care of yourself.

Dr. Carmencita Quejadas-Fulgado

Praying for your complete recovery, Vero!

Puri Laconico

Happy to know you’re okey now. Take Care Always!

Aurora Luciano

So glad to hear you are healing – sending you continued prayers to stay healthy!

Myleene Richardson

Glad you are feeling better. Take care, sister. Kisses and tight hugs going your way. Love you. Peace and blessings of our LORD be with you always

Rhodora Gutierrez

I just saw your post and I am glad you are doing well now po. Stroke is no joke and i am glad you overcame it. I pray for your continuous healing and recovery. I was once had a mini stroke TIA when I was 32, that was 14 years ago, and since then I’ve been cautious. God Bless po and take care.

Lena Orrereh

We are here for you if you need anything Tita Vero Leighton. Always take care of yourself. Health is wealth. May God always bless you. Sending you lots of love,

Chie Rivas

Praying for your recovery! Just take it easy as well!

Lu Ramos Halloran

Thanks the Lord you’re back to your old self. God is always good. Take care, my friend.

Amelia Sebastian

Glad you’re feeling much better, Vero, Take care, stay healthy happy & safe. GOD BLESS

Nita Cendana Capitulo

I hope you to be in the best of health now ate,. take care always remember we luv you very much.

Rita Carino

Praise the Lord. Take it easy. Don’t work too hard! I will pray for your complete healing. Hugs. Lily Sevilla God bless and happy to hear the road to recovery! Prayers and heal well, dear beauty and awesome friend!

Benilda Hizon

I’m praying for your fast recovery. I’m glad you’re taking rehab seriously. It plays a vital role in bringing you back to your prior level of function.

Tyrone Tejam

Time to slow down, please — if you can even comprehend how to do that. Do what you’re able and delegate the rest. You’ve received a “warning” — listen closely. Big hugs — stay well, take it easy


So sorry to hear of your health challenges. Yet, you still went thru with your interview with Jaygee. Thank you so much. Please be well! Here’s what I recently posted on FB: Grace Macapugay

Amen Lord. Praying for Mareng Vero’s full recovery. Ingat Mare. May our Lord continue to fuide and bless you. Pat Barber Best Wishes and God’s Blessings Vero Leighton. Happy for your successful and rapid recovery.

Rudy Urian

Tita, I had no idea this happened to you. I’ve been thinking about you. Feel better soon and hope to see you. We love you! Please take it easy and let me know if you need anything.

Jocelyn Mason

Good luck with your health. I’ll pray for your speedy recuperation. Continue with the therapy for a steadfast healing. More power to you. Cristina Knott God bless you Tita Veronica, praying for a quick recovery. I know how you feel too.

Jason dela Cruz

Thinking of you and may you be blessed with good health and a speedy recovery.

Rose San Diego

God for your complete healing. Love you Tita Vero, hugs and kisses! Ellen Maguad Get well soon. So you can come and visit my Mom. Bob Apuli You will be in my prayers.

Nancy Castro


Diwali Celebration

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