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Habits To Adapt


By: Nancy Abiera


“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”

Proverbs 23:7a. KJV There are bad habits, good habits and Godly habits. Habits are ways of thinking, speaking or doing. They are developed as you constantly think of them that eventually become your mindset. They set your mind. Some habits become our vocabularies that come out of our mouths. These words then become our language. Thus, these create patterns of actions that we become accustomed to. They eventually become our lifestyle. The more we think about it, the more likely we will speak and we most probably will do. It all starts with the thinking habits.

There is great wisdom in Proverbs 4:23 (NCV):

“Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life .”

Please note that as we go through life, there are ups, downs, turns, twists, etc. that bring changes. Change will always be something constant. There will always be times of celebration, boredom, and struggle. In particular, when it comes to trials and hardships, I once heard that you are either coming out of a struggle, going through one, or going into one. So how should we deal with this?

Many people I know have created habits of worry in response to struggles. I have this saying that I like to say that people are often “in a hurry to worry.” The habit that I often practice, though, is “in a snap, remember to adapt.” Better yet, I adapt this approach of “take a nap and snap out of it”.

To summarize these principles to adapt in the following acronym: U.T.A.S.T.E.

U. Understanding that there may be times of famine and times of prosperity. It is part of breaking the monotony in life that helps us appreciate and understand life even more. We understand joy more when we experience sorrow. “Blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

T. Taking a time-out of break time by resting. Some suggests: “Sleep on it then you make a decision after.” This is a way to disengage and start fresh. Others call it power nap like getting recharge when the battery goes low.

A. Avoid getting stuck in the rut by moving forward despite adversity. Movement creates a stimulus to keep going.

S. Stop being a perfectionist. Have a mindset of excellence doing the best you can but not perfection. Perfection will just move you to depression as it is unattainable. In short , there are times to accept being okay with failure, but not okay with staying there. Sometimes, failure is a message to detour and not necessarily a dead end.

T. Taking time to appreciate that there is more life to live. Life is not all about solving problems, attaining success and facing failures. Life is a gift itself that when we open the wrapper, we might even be surprised that things happening to us are actually “blessings in disguise”.

E. Express healthy emotions by shedding tears of sadness, without hindering tears of joy. Tears are liquid prayers that are cleansing and healing to our spirit, soul and body.

People who make it a habit to adapt are people who succeed. Failure, struggle, pain, and hardships are just opportunities to practice this old, yet profound secret to life, and just know, that it is never too late to begin a new habit. Better yet, delete old bad habits while developing new good and Godly habits.

Always choose “On A Bright Side”. I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet God loves you the most. Smile and be a blessing. . . Rev. Nancy H. Abiera

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