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23rd Annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame Gala a Smashing Success!



By: Veronica Leighton

Let me share with you, dear readers, the special message that I wrote on our souvenir book for the occasion of the recent 23rd year celebration of the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame 2017 held last October 14, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel, which was hailed a big success.

“Celebrating the 23rd annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame 2017 and being a part of the historical celebration of the Filipino American History Month in this month of October is a milestone that we must be proud of.

Filipinos have gone a long way in the contributions of their talents and professionalism in every country they go to and inhabit. They have been amazing and unfailingly recognized from arts to medicine, even to their stunning beauties queens, as recorded by history.

The VIA Times/CPRTV’s annual recognition of the most outstanding and deserving Filipinos throughout the world through the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame annual awards, has put many kababayan in the spotlight and has served as an impetus to excel further in the different tasks that they are performing in this country.

The 2015 recipients of this most prestigious award that include outstanding Asians and Friends of the Filipino, are stellar individuals who have excelled in the things they do in helping Mankind. They come from different backgrounds and they have different reasons and ways why they excel, why they are outstanding, why they are extending helping hands to every people they meet, and how they touch many other people’s lives.

This special occasion is a cause celebre, saluting the most outstanding individuals for this year and likewise supporting the Chicago Philippine Reports TV (CPRTV), the premier and one-and-only most visible and locally produced Filipino broadcast media in Chicagoland, and donating to other humanitarian and charitable causes.

I congratulate and commend all the 2017 recipients of the 23rd annual Chicago Filipino Ameri-can Hall of Fame for their leadership, dedication, and efforts to embrace the diversity of cultures that thrive in America and the whole world. We appreciate and thank you all!”

Congratulations to David Rivas, recipient of Via Times/CPRTV special award for his dedicated service for many years. He started out acting on CPRTV’s LOL comedy skit, served as the official flag waver in the “Ako Ay Pilipino” segment of the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame and has performed his ballet talent many times in the program.

Here’s more about outstanding David Rivas… Born on June 4, 2000 in Los Angeles, California, David Rivas developed his love and interest in the Arts in elementary school. He began dancing in 2012 with The Joffrey Ballet’s outreach program, the Middle School Dance Club. In 2014 David auditioned, and now currently attends The Chicago High School for the Arts, where he began to enhance his training in ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary. While attending ChiArts, David danced with The Joffrey Ballet’s Community Engagement Exelon Step Up Strobel Program for 3 years to share his passion in dance with Chicago communities. During the summer David continues his dance training by attending Dance Intensives, such as Ballet Austin’s 2016 Summer Intensive, Nashville Ballet and Ballet Chicago’s 2017 Summer Intensive. In 2016 David placed Gold in the Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition. He was also The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship recipient in 2017. Not only is David artistically inclined, but as an honors student, David is the current President of The National Honors Society at ChiArts. With his passion and determination, David strives for the best and always looks for improvement. David Rivas will be entering college next fall, and we, and particularly many of his fans, will be missing him in the annual gala event of the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame.

For a recap, here’s a heartwarming note from VT Columnist Jovie Calma, “Yet another star-studded Hall of Fame event over, yet another milestone achieved as it’s our 23rd year and yet another opportunity to pat the back and raise our glasses for you, Nangni Veronica, Nongni Joe, and everyone who has contributed to the grand success of the 23rd Annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame! I would like to personally thank you Nangni and Nongni. It’s been an amazing journey hosting the red carpet arrivals and singing “Ako ay Pilipino” for many years now. I’m grateful and humbled with the opportunity of being able to work with remarkable and exceptional people like you. Every year, CFAA HOF is always a resounding success!” ###


David Rivas, 2nd from left, receives the beautiful VT/CPRTV’s 2017 Outstanding Service crystal trophy award at the 23rd gala event of the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame. Also shown with David, from left, are: Executive Producer Veronica Leighton, VT Columnists Jovie Calma and Ryan Tejero. (Photo credit: Rosie Reed)

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