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Happy 18th Birthday ROse Eloriaga

Thank you to my loving family and friends for coming and celebrating my milestone birthday shown in pictures above: Mac and Liza Glore, Zach Glore and GF Milla; Ron Oliveros, Jason Popalisky, Michael, Quinlan, Mikeely Taylan, Kierney, Addie, Jameson Stastny, Harold Burkett, Veronica and Bobby Leighton, Portia Baker and friend, Elsa Tioco and Allen Dichoso, Andee Belarmino, Phil and Cora O’Keefe, Boy and Mila Oco, Dr. Flory Leyba, Marty Baetiong, Nene Gomez, Jessica Coyaba and Nephew Jose Baetiong, Gerry and Betty Bernaldo, Tony and Cely Flores, Rey, Jed, Thea and Marcela Belen, and Lou and Margie de Mesa……ROSE ELORIAGA


September 10, 2022 –
Ming Hin Restaurant Rolling Meadows

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