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Fun Facts About October

Let’s begin the fun…October, the tenth month of year, tends to be a favorite month for many people, born or not born within the month, a Libra (the scales) or Scorpio (scorpion). The name (prefix) Octo itself means number eight in Latin, so why is it falling on the tenth month in our calendar? It was actually the 8th month prior. The answer is when the Roman calendar was moved into the Gregorian model that we are currently using, the year actually lengthened.

October is a beloved month around the world. In the U.S., it is home to Fire Prevention Week, due to the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. In Hawaii, exciting festival Aloha is celebrated through colorful parades and fun parties, ala-Mardi Gras. Home to Octoberfest is Germany for eating, drinking beer and being merry, a festivity that has spread to many countries in the world, as well as the U.S.. We likewise celebrate Apple Day, Pasta Month, Pretzel Month, Cookbook Month, Squirrel Awareness, Appreciation Awareness, and even the National Month of Sarcasm. And, the biggest of them all, the most-awaited by kids and adults alike, Halloween, where we excitedly prepare our scary masks and interesting costumes to scare off the bad spirits and for trick or treating, fun times for the children.

And, did you know that October is the prime month for US presidents? There are more US presidents born in October than any other month on the calendar. It is a big month for sports fans in the US. That’s because seasons and series for the Major Baseball League, the National Hockey League and National Basketball League.

Culturally and in learning more about the diversity, we celebrate in October the Black History Month and the Filipino American History Month in this wonderful country.

Thank you, October, for honoring our beautiful heritage and tradition. Long live the Philippines! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! ###


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