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Tesalate – Sand Free Beach Towels


It all started with a hike a couple of years ago. Two friends, along with some buddies, trooped to Sydney’s Royal National Park for a beach outing.

It was a day well-spent. But having to carry wet and heavy sand-laden towels dampened what otherwise would have been a perfect day. So, these college buddies—Volkan and Jacky, thought about making a towel that not only functioned better but looked terrific, too. Hence, the concept for Tesalate was born.

After many months of sleepless nights researching and designing, Tesalate finally launched at Bondi Beach Markets 18 months after that fateful beach outing. From humble beginnings, this Australian brand rapidly expanded to 70 countries within a year.

Fabric Technology

Apart from repelling sand, Tesalate is a 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches, full-sized beach towel. It is made from AbsorbLite microfibre. That’s why sand easily slides off, instead of getting stuck in the looped fibers like regular towels. AbsorbLite is engineered to retain a vibrant aesthetic, but with a durability that will ensure it outlives your regular towel.

Tesalate is also capable of absorbing as much as one liter of water. Despite that, it dries up pretty fast! The towel is so lightweight and compact, it fits into a small tote, too.

Made from a microfibre called AbsorbLite, Tesalate towels are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Regular beach towels are made of looped fibers which makes it hard to shake off the sand. Tesalate’s towel design, on the other hand, allows the sand to slide off the threads easily.

Fabric care is easy. You can do a cold machine wash, hang out to dry or tumble dry on low.

Towel Designs

Tesalate is proudly Australian- designed, drawing inspiration from the world’s best beaches. There are almost 30 mouth-watering, vibrant themes catering to guys and gals’ distinct tastes.

Most of the towels are even aptly named after the world’s best beach destinations. The company offers free shipping worldwide and thousands of beach lovers have snapped up this fantastic beach essential.

Customer Base

The towel brand has, in fact, earned thousands of positive reviews from all over the world since it launched in 2016.

Tesalate has dominated the U.S. and European market as well. In fact, our Facebook page has exploded to over 250,000 organic members. As far as customer feedback is concerned, the average rating of our reviews is 4.9 stars. We’ve got more than over 10,000 organic reviews to date which you can read on our website. We are by far, the most reviewed beach towel in the world. More info at www. tesalate.com

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