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Lady Titanium Nora Tsai Back with us Here in Chicago


By: Veronica Leighton


Making an exciting appearance at the 58th Inaugural Ball of the PMAC last September 15th at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, “Lady Titanium” Nora Tsai (the nickname she has earned after surviving a fatal van crash in Cebu last January, 2018, that claimed seven lives of other medical missioners), and her husband Fred Tsai, (also one of the three survivors together with Dr. Elenita Rubio, who’s still currently recuperating), were the recipients of warm hugs, kisses, and tears of joy from many people who were indeed happy to see them back, looking good and in great spirits (she has had multiple bodily surgeries and has undergone rigorous rehab therapy programs almost daily at the Makati Medical in the Philippines).

Wheeled in a wheel chair at the podium to deliver her brief speech of thanks to those people who helped and supported her and Fred during that nightmarish time of crisis in their lives, strong-willed Nora braved herself to stand up straight without the help of a wheelchair and/or a cane. You could have heard a pin drop inside the Rosemont Ballroom that evening, everyone all ears and anxious to hear every word that comes out of the mouth of this bionic woman, iron lady, steel butterfly, and now the Titanium Lady (Via Times, Vibes column, July 2018 issue).

Congratulations to the new officers and members of the Philippine Medical Association in Chicago (headed by Dr. Lourdes D. Floro), the Auxiliary to the PMAC (headed by Dr. Evan B. Suan), and the PMAC and Auxiliary Medical Foundation (headed by Dr. Gregorio Tolentino) on its Inaugural Ball last Sept 15, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. Enjoy the full page pictorial of the event on page 7, plus more pictures here of the grand event.


Loving couple Fred & Nora Tsai, both smiling and lively, after enduring a most catastrophic event in their lives.


Left to right: Dr. Nida Hernaez. Nora Tsai, Veronica & Dely Villalon


Nora being helped by Dr. Greg Tolentino, PMAC Foundation Chairman.


Fred Tsai wheeling wife Nora (with Dr. Nida Hernaez) in a wheelchair on the way to the podium for Nora’s special thank you speech at the PMAC inaugural ball.


Group of doctors and friends who are just happy to pose with the fortunate and courageous Tsai couple.

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