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Health Equity


By: Melody Rabor-Dizon



As defined, health equity is the opportunity for an individual to remain healthy for as long as they can. This is a buzz word for me but the underlying principle remains the same, which is doing everything in someone’s control to keep their health, control their risk factors, delay any progression of disease, maintain current health status and be proactive in choosing healthier lifestyle. Hence, education is one way to keep our health equity.

As your healthcare advocate, I do not think I could harp enough about COVID 19. It is my responsibility to be informed and share information about a disease outbreak so all can help stop the spread of disease prevent and reduce illness and even death. It is my task to share the signs and symptoms of disease, who is at risk, treatment to inform, educate, carry out any new information CDC has or the WHO dispersing communication to the public. I am obliged to provide accurate information, establishing credibility as I rely on legit sources and government approved websites like CDC, WHO – information that includes what is known, what is not known, and what is being done to fill in the information gaps. Acknowledging what people are feeling and their challenges showing empathy and consideration while giving tips and recommendations to better our health and at the same time being compassionate to the ones who weren’t as fortunate. It is my duty to promote action to the general public, reaching people who have difficulty accessing health, language differences and the disabilities and limitations each person has.

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