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roberto leonardoRobert Leonardo received his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines 1992. He received Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) certification from the California Department of Health in 1994 and MT certification from American Medical Technologists (AMT) in 1997. In addition, he holds multiple Microsoft MCSE IT certifications. For over a decade, he has applied his medical technology knowledge in a variety of medical laboratories and healthcare business settings and practiced in diverse settings laboratory settings, including critical care, esoteric laboratory testing, and testing assay protocol research and development. Leonardo has focused on clinical laboratory operations system re-engineering, and implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Laboratory Information System (LIS) integration. His work continues on designing and configuring LIS systems for multiple healthcare organizations. And further, on designing and consulting for laboratory outreach solutions in hospital and reference laboratory settings to include integration of laboratory analyzers and middleware and auto-verification systems. In 2006, he founded Linkworks, Inc., an Indianapolis based company that provides consulting and software for electronic medical records in physician offices and clinical laboratories. The company employs talented Filipino programmers with the goal of applying Filipino ingenuity in the field of medical software. The company’s first product was a web-enabled smartphone healthcare application that aggregates electronic patient reports for physician practices allowing rapid patient reports accessibility and data mining. The software allowed physicians and office staff to access remote medical records in seconds instead of the usual hours saving staff time and improving patient care. The company continues to develop new applications that help physicians become more efficient in the practice of medicine. In 2012, he was inducted as Vice President of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Indiana Chapter, an organization dedicated to promoting professional growth and community service. He enjoys traveling to tropical destinations, pursuing personal development through coaching, literature and seminars, and spending quality time with his wife and three children. Roberto was nominated by Mrs. Angel Leonardo.

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