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3AF Virtual Webinar on #WashTheHate and #RacismIsContagious

The 3AF has shifted our focus to helping the Asian American community since our annual summit has been postponed to the fall. We have started a virtual webinar series to provide useful information to those in our industry as well as Asian American small businesses as we navigate this unprecedented situation brought about by COVID-19.

Next up in our webinar series is a virtual discussion with 3AF member agencies (IW Group and Admerasia, respectively)
responsible for the #WashTheHate and #Racism is Contagious campaigns.

Sadly, so many in our Asian American community or getting shunned, berated or attacked during this pandemic. In this
discussion, our guests talk candidly about why their agencies took matters into their own hands and started the campaigns;
overriding communications principles in building the campaigns; the varied approaches/rationales used by the campaigns and the response to them thus far.

Moderator : J eff Yang , author, CNN contributor and co-host of the podcast
Speakers : Telly Wong , SVP & Chief Content Officer, IW Group, Inc.
Maxwell Davidson , Chief Integration Officer, Admerasia
Closing Remarks by 3AF President Jay Kim

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