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May Is An Amazing Month


By: Veronica Leighton


I find the month of May to be quite an amazing month, not because it is my birthday month, but due to the fact that so many colorful and historical holidays and celebrations seem to happen in this wonderful spring month. Most popular, of course, are the following: May Day (May 1); Cinco de Mayo (May 5); Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday); Armed Forces Day (May 15); Memorial Day (last Monday). These days, some interesting occasions arise for reasons of some political pressures, events or happenings, such as, Older Americans Month, Foster Parents Appreciation Month, National Teachers Day, Nurses and Hospital Week, National Police Celebration, Small Business Week, Voting Rights Action Day, American Craft Week, Arson Awareness Week, Haitian Celebration Month, World Trade Month, etc. Then there are some weird celebrations like Star Wars Day, Lilac Sunday, National Salad Month, National Bike Month, National Barbecue Month, National Hamburger Month, National Blood Pressure Month, so on and so forth.

Most importantly, May month marks the official celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in this country, when it was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1977. You can glean through these May pages about some exciting Asian American happenings, news, stories and programs that are being cooked up by some active groups or organizations all over the U.S. and written by your favorite columnists. Please join any of these groups when you have time (even through Zoom).

Your favorite columnists have written their favored topics for this time of the season, conforming to our heritage and culture, pride and faith. Read our interesting editorial on this page for a brief touch on the history of this celebration in this country. Also not to be missed is our pictorial page of the 40th Day Memorial in honor of our departed Joe Mauricio, VT co-publisher (pages 30-31).

Likewise, for this occasion, we feature an Asian pride and staple — rice on our cover (with a story in inside page). The Three Horses jazmine rice is a go-to staple in every Asian meal tables. It’s everyone’s favorite when it comes to rice for its fragrance and aroma that comes with a mild and delicate flavor. You can buy it in many Asian stores around us.

Sharing this funny MAY quote with you: “This month is called MAY as it MAY rain, it MAY snow; it MAY be 70 degrees, it MAY be 20 degrees.” Personally speaking, the month of May gives me a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm and enthralling sense of the beautiful world expressed in colorful blooms and buds around me.

Enjoy reading, as usual, your most favorite Filipino publication that has been in existence for almost four decades now, whose popularity goes beyond the Midwest area — from East to West Coasts, too..


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