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Be Blessed & Be NOT Stressed


By: Nancy Abiera


We all experience stress. Some stress can be good while others are bad. However, we will deal here how we can make bad stress be converted for our good.

I heard that “ only dead people don’t get stressed-out. Never…”. It maybe true. Stress can make one sick to the point of death. However, I do believe people who are stressed-out are killing themselves slowly. They may still be breathing yet may also be lifeless; earning a living but no life at all.

When we work, we work. . .and we get stressed-out.

When we rest, God is at work. . . He gets the stress-out and brings the best in us.

Anyway, who wants to be around stressed-out people? I guess no one really. They themselves don’t want to be around themselves either. It’s like having a “pity party” yet no one desires to attend.


It’s because stressed-out people are like:

F. Frustrated

A. Angry & Anxious

R. Resentful

T. Tensed

S. Super sensitive They might somehow smell like such when expressed in the …

A. Auto-Negative-thinking

S. Self-talk negatively

S. Self-limiting life dramas

Please forgive me for the language of acronyms I used. I’m stressing various visual examples to make valid and realistic points.

I suggest replacing the above with winning attitudes starting with our thoughts, talks, habits and/or tendencies toward truth and not lies.

Being positive and having a thanksgiving attitude can transform and make things better.


We can develop A.T.T. connections.

A. Automatic

T. Truth Transforming


T. Thoughts As a man thinks, and so is he.

A. Automatic

T. Truth / Thanksgiving

T. Talks

Talk the walk and walk the talk. You may argue that it is easier said than done. Say it anyway. Why make things harder? These lead us to

A. Auto

T. Truth Triumphant

T. Tendencies

The more we think of something, we eventually speak more on that subject. The more we rehearse them in our minds and mouths, these form our belief system creating patterns and/or habits: either true or false. Before you know it, you become such. Let’s end the karma and stop the drama. The trauma of stress will soon die down.

Let me encourage you to start thinking blessed, speaking blessed, doing blessed, living blessed and being blessed to declare: I AM PROS MOST BLESSED with the following life disciplines:

I. Intentionally Exercise

A. Aware-Strengths/Weaknesses

M. Meditate & Reflect

P. Play & Pray

R. Read inspiring books

O. Overcome/Observe challenges

S. Support system in must be in place

M. Mindful-thought/word/ deed

O. Oust Caffeine

S. Sleep well & Rest often

T. Time Management Practices

B. Breathe deeply

L. Laugh out loud

E. Eat healthy

S. Sing carefree

S. Spend time-family/ friends

E. Encourage herself/ himself

D. Dance like a pro

Practice Practice Practice. You may fake it one by one until you make it.

We can choose good stress or better yet convert bad stress to good.

Remember, we can choose life over death… blessings over curses…

The choice is yours… Always “Choose On A Bright Side”.

I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet the Lord loves you the most.

Smile and be a blessing! Rev. Nancy H. Abiera

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