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‘The Glam and Glow of a Superb Gala Event’


By: Veronica Leighton


Receiving a note/message from a Hall of Fame awardee, makes us feeling so ecstatic, euphoric and happy with what we have just accomplished at our Silver Anniversary gala last Nov. 9th. From Doug Nguyen, Most Outstanding Asian American awardee) & VT Columnist (page 31) sums it up: “I’m still getting over the glam and glow of your superb gala event. I don’t know where you get the energy but it showed up big time. You made all the awardees feel extraordinarily special.” (Read more awardees’ letters on pages 6 & 33.

My heartfelt thanks to the CFAA HOF hardworking committees whose dedication to the assigned tasks they undertook made our gala event a most memorable evening to remember…Robert Chavez, Production Manager; Ryan Tejero, Floor Manager; Assembly Director; Videography: Joe Mauricio, James dela Cruz, Dino Dizon, Jason dela Rosa, Rey Maguad, Baron Cabalona; Photography: Rosie Reed, Jason dela Rosa; Audio Visual: Space Studios (Phil Contursi and Salina Vest); Red Carpet Interview Host: Melody Dizon; Flowers/ Decorations: Ellen Perez Maguad;

Tickets/Reception (2019 Hall of Famers): Pressian Tejero, Alicia Monk; Reception for past Hall of Famers (Maria Balita, Rev. Nancy Abiera, Lee Maglaya, Liza Vasich, Marilin Solomon; Usherettes/ Trophy Handlers: Maya Leighton, Kayla Tejero, Alyssa Solomon; Flag Wavers: Robert Chavez, Christian Leighton; Make-up/Hair: Robert Chavez, Froilan Cabrera; Reunion Committee: Maria Fides Balita, Marilin Solomon, Liza Vasich, Salina Vest, Rev. Nancy Abiera; CPRTV Editor: Zeqi Guo; Emcees: Maria Girlie Pascual, Nick Vera Perez, Nancy Loo, Bobby Leighton. To our generous sponsors: Emir Abinion of Fox Valley Volkswagen; Sidney Lee of Golden Country; Space Stage Studios; and Attoney Janice Dante. To our souvenir program advertisers, guests and friends whose contributions are so invaluable; to our past Hall of Famers who proudly came and participated in the program parade, you all made me feel so nostalgic and sentimental brought me deja vu moments), just seeing you once again (see Veronica’s Vibes on page 5); to the 2019 inductees into the Hall of Fame, your distinguished accomplishments and presence have made everything so illuminating that evening. So proud of all of you! The whole success of the CFAA HOF Silver Anniversary and Grand Reunion are dedicated to you, your accomplishments and your glory! (Pictorial of awardees on page 37). Likewise, to the most amazing performers who showcased their talents and entertained the 700 guests in the grand ballroom of the Hyatt O’Hare (see page 38).

Thank you for all the pictures provided by the awardees, families and friends for this November issue. Briefly telling that an unfortunate incident happened on the post-gala evening when our official fotog was held up by four men who ran away with her camera with Hall of Fame films inside the camera. Read Elsie’s “Notebook” for story on pages 13-14. Faced with VT deadline featuring the Hall of Famers post-gala event for November issue, we had to scrounge around for HOF photos all over. Special thank you’s to the Philippine Consulate (Consul Ryan Gener); Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas’ office (Andrew Jutico); Nick Vera Perez & fotog Arana; Jason dela Rosa and Lou Cabalona; Allen Caviles & sisters; Lindy Tan from official fotog Clyde Cavada; Janette Jordee; Drs. Ferdinand & Evelyn Ramos; Fritz Colcol; Rey Nonato; Arvin Floresca; Ryan Tejero, for helping and providing and sharing the hall of fame photos they could find within the spheres of their influence.

Surprise of a lifetime! Thanks so much to Ms. Janette Jordee, awardee from Wisconsin, for devising a surprise recognition award for me at the gala, together with H. E. Ambassador Romualdez (believe it or not)! It was so unnerving, yet a very endearing gesture. It was a first time for me, to receive an award from my own awards event. Thank you! Thank you!


Surprise award to Veronica from Janette Jordee and H.E. Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez at the HOF gala event.

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