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UPAA-NY: Your Memories Can Make a Difference

NYC, NY. The University of the Philippines Alumni Association, NY Chapter has proven “Memories make a difference”. For the UP Centennial in 2008, their project on inviting alumni to write their memoir and with a tax deductible donation they were published in a coffee table book Memoirs of UP Alumni Abroad. It raised $50,000 which was a Deed of Donation to UP Foundation Inc signed with President Emerlinda Roman. This was followed by Book II, not just for alumni because “everyone has a story to tell, gratitude to express, experience to share” says its Editor-Publsher, Dr. Carmencita “Menchee” Quesada Fulgado”. The second book Memories… a Legacy Gift of Filipinos and Friends, added another $50,000 to the Scholarship Fund, an endowment fund which uses interest only to award needy scholars in the University of the Philippines. Now, Book III: Memories of UP Alumni and Friends United is in the making, awaiting the articles from the eight Constituent Units (CU) of the University of the Philippines. Meanwhile, a $10,000 pre-publication donation was already signed with President Alfredo Pascual at the June 2016 Homecoming in Diliman , the same year the UPAA awarded the UPAA-NY Outstanding Service Award for a Chapter.

This coffee table book idea as a fundraiser is brainchild of Carmencita “Menchee” Quesada Fulgado, PhD, president of UPAA-NY , a GIVE BACK TO U.P. MISSION. “UP is the national university, which means …give back to the country as well, our country of birth.” The goal of a scholarship actually began when she was UP Alumni Association in America President (1995-97, 1997-1999) and started the 3-day Grand Reunion and Convention is 1995. “ One should not raise fund, then think of where it should go. To begin with, every fundraising has to be clear and solid with its purpose, in order to reach its goal. And that’s how we did it.”

Since 2000 with President Nemenzo, she signed the DOD for UPAA-NY Adopt-a- Scholar , followed in 2006 with President Roman, and then Chancellor Gerry Cao , to President Pascual in 2012 and 2016; these Deeds of Donations were all combined in 2012 into the endowment Scholarship Fund which now has a scholar in each of the eight CUs: UP Manila, UP Diliman, UP Los Banos, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao, UPOU, UP Baguio, and UP Cebu and thirty-seven scholars have graduated. Gratitude memoirs of these scholars are among those to be published in Book III. UP Foundation manages the current $184,000which earns interest, while the UP Offi ce of Student Services and Scholarship receives the application and makes the awards.

Book III which aims to increase the scholarship slots, has some remaining uncommitted pages available. Dr. Fulgado, the Editor-Publisher will welcome to have your story. She adds “ You may not be from UP, but a friend, and who knows, a relation, a townmate may be an awardee . After all, it’s a family’s pride to have a member be Iskolar ng Bayan. Your tax-deductible donation is just about $1/day and your 2-page memoir will be in great company with the following:

“The story of a Filipino’s road to American University Presidency and another, a UP President to become Phil Senate President; there’s one who formulated pharmaceutical products and retired at 49; the fi rst Asian woman to pass the NY bar and became Chair & CEO of billion dollar multi-national food company; the challenges of those who after US studies returned / or did grad work in the Phil. developed careers, built families, to live happily ever after in their hometowns; be inspired by “How We Met” vignettes and one’s travelogue through Jerusalem. Read about families honoring their parents, grandparents, their lineage, another family’s memories In Memoriam; the decorated MD who served in the US military; the story of a world renowned town having its fi rst public HS just in 2003 and grateful memoirs of its RSFI scholars now in college; the magnanimous giving by a young Filipino to Book III yet he has not even been to the Phil; Iska’s route to becoming a diplomat; the pianist of international fame, gave up NYC because home is still the Philippines; and another Isko’s unlikely road from UP to priesthood; read UPAA chapter stories of Giving Back, and the inspiring memoirs of scholars of this Scholarship Fund raised by Memories Books; plus the list of UPAAA awardees since 1982…and be mesmerized by Lito David paintings which embellish the entire Book III.”

DONATE ( tax-deductible) * WRITE your story* PUBLISHED in a coffee table book *Book is yours * and you SUPPORT SCHOLARS CONTACT: PRO: Kellie Sabas: kelliesabas@gmail.com Dr. Menchee Quesada Fulgado: mencheeqf@yahoo.com

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