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Living With Covid-19: How To Celebrate Safely


By: Maria Girlie Pascual


Yes, the statistics are grim. Yes, the numbers are rising. Yes, we all need to comply with CDC guidelines, and, yes, we still need to celebrate life no matter what the circumstances may be. At least, this is my belief and that is not to say that we are not worried about what is going on with COVID 19, the pandemic that has been with us in the United States officially since January, 2020, unofficially, a year ago this month. My family and I decided to go on with a joyful, costume second- birthday party for my grandson, Kenzo Kristoffer Wildoer, notwithstanding the Pandemic, the untimely demise of my son’s wife, Kenzo’s mother Svienna, last May, and our move to a new home so that Kenzo may grow up in a safe and diverse neighborhood. For all these reasons, we felt that we needed to give the little guy something to be joyful for, and so the Super Mario-themed party as the answer, along with the blessing of my son Kristoffer’s new home officiated by Father Xamie Reyes. Thank you, Father, for being there at Kenzo’s christening, Svienna’s interment, and now Kenzo’s second birthday and house blessing.

We took temperature readings when we can, had guests wash their hands, take off their shoes as they came in with masks on, and I even scheduled the older guests, aka “my generation”, to be at the blessing from 11:30 am to 2 pm, then Kristoffer’s friends and Svienna’s family to come from 2 pm on. This way, we were able to separate the age groups, the elders being more susceptible to the virus and therefore this precautionary time lag was perfect for the occasion. By 2 pm, we were upstairs at the second floor of the home with Kenzo, who did not seem to mind being with his grandparents.

The party was a success and we would like to thank everyone that joined us: Father Xamie, Annie and Nicole Sabadaszka, Alice Lisowski, Elizabeth and Elbert Regacho, Annie Restua, my family the Pascuals with Brent, Dodjie, Miki and Mika, Brent and Pie, Sabrina, along with Kristoffer’s friends and Kenzo’s Ninongs with Zubair and Nala Hussain, Jay, Mae, Avery and Miles Mendoza, Mike, Yvonne and Logan Wong, Mark, Nadine and Christian Calayag, Danny Traimas and Mhel, Little Nino Noriega, the Roldan brothers Phil and Neil, and the rest of Kristoffer’s friends who showed up to help and celebrate the happy occasion. Special thanks to Lolo Wolfgang Wildoer, who has been flying to and from Los Angeles to be with the family, and to Svienna Sisaleum Wildoer’s family, Frank, Nang and Seng , Svienna’s dad and aunties who continue to be there for Kenzo, whenever they can.

Happy birthday to our December celebrants featured here with Mama Salvy Marino, Elbert Regacho and James DelaCruz who were feted in style with a luncheon for Mama S, and a musical night with Edison Dayao at Mr. Tony Garcia’s palatial home in North Barrington, with Elizabeth Regacho and her sons, John, Michael with wife Amy and daughter Ella, Paul the youngest, along with BFF’s Dan Gawat, sexy sisters Lalaine Golucan and Irene Gonzaga, special Via Times coverage by Joe “Irogski” Mauricio, sans Irog. Tony Sr’s granddaughter Bailey was there with mom Joanne and uncle Carlo Lopez and Adrian Del Rosario.

Enjoy our gallery—remember, yes, we have COVID risks, but if we do it properly, we can continue to live safely and happily. Happy Holidays, everyone!

As of press time, all of the above guests have been tested for Covid and passed with flying colors…Mabuhay tayong lahat!


The family loves Kenzo


Kenzo turned 2 Happy Birthday and we love you !


LaLa Girlie with grandson Kenzo, son Kristoffer and Father Xamie


Little King Kenzo with his beautiful Ninang Maria and Ninang Pearl


Special guest of Lolo Elbert was baby Ella


Miki and Mika Pascual as Princess Peach and Mario Kart character


Mike, Yvonne and Logan Cuenca


Mario Brothers look with the Pascual brothers Bently and Brent


Small Birthday Celebration for Salvy Marino at Kona Grill


The masked celebrant Salvy Marino


With Elizabeth Regacho and birthday girl Salvy Marino


With the Laos family Svienna’s Dad Frank, aunts Seng and Nang and Kristoffer’s Dad Wolfgang


Celebrants Elbert and James “blow out the candies” by fanning it instead to be Covid safe


Sisters Lalaine and Irene perform w Edison Dayao with FB Live by James


Jan Paul Ferrer tackles slicing the Serrano ham w Joe Mauricio


Thank you Ninong and Ninang Elbert and Elizabeth Regacho


Father Xamie with the two Ninangs Annie Restua and Annie Sabadaszka


Our host Tony Garcia Sr with Irene and Lalaine, Elizabeth, Joanne and Carlo


Daddy-O Tony Garcia sings with birthday guy Elbert Regacho with (L-R) Joanne, Lalaine, Elizabeth, Irene, Dan Gawat and Jan Paul as the captive audience.


Father Xamie blesses the home with social distancing and face masks.


(L-R) The Regacho brothers with John , Mike and wife Amy and Paul with sisters Lalaine Golucan and Irene Gonzaga enjoy the food.


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