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  • Hurried Goodbye to Beautiful Chicago Summer

    Hurried Goodbye to Beautiful Chicago Summer

    By: Veronica Leighton   September month is always the hurrying-up, dizzyingly rushing, getting ready for the cooler fall months of October, that turns up cold in November, and colder in wintry December, and coldest in January and February, in terms of social, work, and other physical activities. Still unable to ...

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  • Fun Facts About October

    Fun Facts About October

    Let’s begin the fun…October, the tenth month of year, tends to be a favorite month for many people, born or not born within the month, a Libra (the scales) or Scorpio (scorpion). The name (prefix) Octo itself means number eight in Latin, so why is it falling on the tenth ...

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    GERVIN Productions, LLC in cooperation with Max’s Restaurant and Donnie Pestrana Entertainment presents Tirso Cruz III and Cristopher De Leon DISCO CONCERT with Special Participation of Audrey Esquivel, Naddie Tejam, Janice Tentler, The Shining Divas: Raissa Yabes, Jen Vicentilla, and Rane Victoria

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