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  • Happy and Sad News for February

    Happy and Sad News for February

    By: Veronica Leighton As many of us think of the month of February as the love month because of Valentine’s Day, we tend to overlook a big commemoration that honors the presidents of this land, the Presidents’ Day, February 20th, a very special day that must be celebrated with parades, ...

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  • Trump’s Immigration Ruling

    Trump’s Immigration Ruling

    By: Joe Mauricio   Not even a month since President Donald Trump assumed the post of President of the United States, but a lot of Liberals and immigrants still continue to demonize him. President Trump signed an executive order holding refugee arrivals into the U.S. for 100 days and barring ...

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  • Ron Navarro

    Ron Navarro

    RON NAVARRO OF RICH NAVARRO ASSOCIATES, INC., for all you accounting needs. Been serving the Fil-Am community of Chicago for many years. Free consultation service.

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  • Nancy Velasco

    Nancy Velasco

    Nancy Velasco, author of “Untangled Spirit, Unfrozen Heart,” a recent CPRTV guest/

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