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  • Cancelled or Not Cancelled, Merry Christmas to All!

    Cancelled or Not Cancelled, Merry Christmas to All!

    By: Veronica Leighton   Are you looking forward to celebrating Christmas (if not cancelled), or just waiting for the coming year 2021 to start everything anew? Are you looking for 2021 as back to normal year? 2020 has not only been an odd year for us, not only in tackling ...

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  • Happy Holidays 2020 (???)

    Happy Holidays 2020 (???)

    By: Joe Mauricio   With Christmas being expected around the corner, we are also expecting the traditional celebration plannings in many Filipino American households. But with the current Covid pandemic that has been going around and attacking many people around the world, we are all alarmed to plan for a ...

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  • Jake Cocjin

    Jake Cocjin

    Jake Cocjin, a popular native of Iloilo, Philippines and resident of St. Charles, IL.

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