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  • We Make a Difference

    We Make a Difference

    By: Veronica Leighton   As we were faced with press work in meeting our January deadline, the sad news about the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines shattered the trends of our thoughts temporarily. We immediately tried to contact friends and loved ones and searched for network and social media ...

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  • Leandro “Lindy” Tan VT’s Person of the Year

    Leandro “Lindy” Tan VT’s Person of the Year

    VT’s Person of the Year 2020, Leandro Paunlagui“Lindy” Tan, describes himself as “being a person of himself, as who he is.” Born with a birth defect, he was delivered with a hole in his cleft palate and no bone structure in his nose (in layman’s terminology). His loving and supportive ...

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  • Via Times’ 2020 Vision

    Via Times’ 2020 Vision

    By: Joe Mauricio   The ball has dropped, and the Roaring 2020’s has arrived. The top Chicago area news of the past decade are already out of sight and out of mind, brushed up on all the new laws now in effect across Illinois, a return to respect and comity, ...

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