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  • Remarkable June Celebs

    Remarkable June Celebs

    By: Veronica Leighton   In my exclusive interview with our Honorable Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., who is poised to retire from his ambassadorial position by the end of this month due to the change of the administration, we touched on the topic of “Filipino ...

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  • Humanitarian Golden Heart Awards 2016

    Humanitarian Golden Heart Awards 2016

    The Pilipino American Social Services (PASS) and Human Resources has been serving the Filipino American community of Chicago for twenty years, with service and humanitarian mission for the community. Other services include health outreach, food distribution, training, socialization, recreational and cultural programs for Filipino Americans in Chicago particularly the low ...

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  • `Balimbing’ ng Politika Or Turncoatism of Politics

    `Balimbing’ ng Politika Or Turncoatism of Politics

    By: Joe Mauricio   A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty to another party, betraying or deserting an original cause, or by switching to opposing side or political party. “Balimbing” is a Filipino fruit that has the scientific name Averrhoa carambola. It’s called a star fruit ...

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  • Mareia Opuntelisima

    Mareia Opuntelisima

    Mareia Opuntelisima, owner of Transformation Beauty Spa, located 9215 Washington St., Morton Grove, IL. at the grand opening of her new spa held at Wyndham Glenview. Call her at 847-983-0412 for a special beauty treat with affordable prices. (See ad on page 10).

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    PAT MICHALSKI, retired deputy Cook County Treasurer, once an “adopted Daughter” of the Rizal Center during the time of the late Mr. Carmelo Llapitan, FACC president. Pat who turned 82 recently, said: “I don’t mind driving to a Filipino store to find Via Times. Most interesting community newspaper.” (ESNphoto)

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