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No Bad Weather When It Comes to February Celebrations, From Love to Politics


By: Veronica Leighton


Unbelievable February month. This is the month that we experienced the worst extreme weather of -50F wind chill, then climbing up to springlike 50 degrees weather, that is 100 degrees difference of high and low in a small period of winter clime.

February is also the month of LOVE as February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Too bad, Chicago was not voted as the city that spends the most on Valentine’s Day (it’s LA), but love in Chicago was expressed more in terms of affection from the heart and not from the pocket. That’s how warm and loving Chicagoans are as as ordinary individuals. Don’t forget to read Pastor Nancy Abiera’s nifty Valentine’s On The Bright Side column on page 29. As usual, columnist Melody Dizon, page 27, a nurse, is giving health tips that includes particularly your heart on this V Day.

Other popular occasions being celebrated in February are the following: Groundhog Day (Feb 2), Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12), President’s Day (Feb. 18), Washington’ birthday (Feb. 22). Now you know why we celebrate an official holiday President’s Day in February….it’s in honor of our two great presidents who were both born in February, Lincoln and Washington.

This is also the month that we say “gong hei fat choi” (happy new year in Chinese) as we celebrate the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, starting on February 5 this year that lasts for one year known as the Year of the Pig. Here in Chicago, this is the year that the biggest Asian organization, Asian American Coalition of Chicago celebrates its 36th year with the Filipino American community getting its turn to serve as the host Asian country at the gala celebration on February 23, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. Attorney Aurora Abella-Austriaco (VT’s February Cover Girl) serves and tackles the chairmanship position. Expected attendance is about 1000 to 1200 people composed of personalities, leaders, businessmen and politicians from our community. We are also featuring pictorial community events that celebrated the lunar new year, by the Vietnamese Association of Illinois and the Filipino American Council of Greater Chicago.

Columnists Elsie Sy-Niebar (Notebook, pages 12-13) and Joe Mauricio (Objectively Harsh, page 22) delight us about the Year of the Pig symbolism and stories in their popular columns.

For this month’s coming mayoral election in Chicago, Elsie Sy-Niebar, a die-hard Daley supporter, is pictured here with Ermina Veljacik from the Daley Team, showing their support and endorsement for Daley in this heated election. Please see the full-page Daley political advertisement on page 39.

Thanks so much to the following columnists for sending me a short personal note with their columns…Prof. Robert Boyer: “I enjoyed your column in the January issue. Very dry humor commentary on the inauguration of the new governor.” Victoria Smith: “I am aware you’ll read my poems, and so by this alone, it’s worth it for me. Kindred spirits connecting through our writing.” Thanks much…XO XO See you in March!!!


Riding on her freedom of speech, NOTEBOOK Columnist Elsie Sy-Niebar, endorses WILLIAM “Bill” DALEY for MAYOR in Chicago. She said: All the mayoral candidates are great, however, I believe that Bill Daley has more governance experience necessary to rebuild Chicago to cope with the changes of the times.” With her is Ermina Velijacic, “BILL DALEY FOR MAYOR” Deputy Media Coordinator.

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