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Can you help me save the life of a friend who is a disability leader?

Dear editor,

I am writing because my friend Jonah Selber, who is a major role model for people with disabilities, needs a kidney. Jonah already had a kidney transplant 11 years ago. However, his body is now rejecting the kidney. His mother Judith Creed, who is a member of our board and a full time volunteer for disability issues, already donated the kidney to him earlier. So we need someone new to step (or roll) up and help. Below is a blog from Judith about her son Jonah and the situation. I am hoping you will read it and will share it. The link that I hope you will share on social media is www. Kidney4Jonah.com.

Think about it. You or someone you know could save a life. Thanks so much for reading this and for sharing the opportunity to save a life – Jonah’s life. You or someone you know could be THE difference.


Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi



Dear Editor,

Time passes quickly, but we could not let the year end without thanking you all for a successful Rizal Day luncheon, held December 29. A celebration of life and community, in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine national hero. This year, we also commemorated Dr. Rufino Crisostomo. More than 100 community members plus mayoral candidates participated at this momentous event.

Dr. Crisostomo, blessed memory, exemplified the Filipino heart and the ideals of Dr. Jose Rizal. Like Rizal, he strove to enhance life quality of the vulnerable indigent through education and fiscal support and to instill love of country – for him native and adopted PH and USA with equal measure . In spite of his medical condition, he worked tirelessly against exploitation and endured protracted bullying by other Filipinos – to save the FACC -one of the oldest Fil-Am organization in the nation – and its Rizal Community Center.

Their influences are reflected every day through the endeavors of the Filipino American Council of Greater Chicago, in its passion to celebrate Philippine and Philippine American arts and culture and its intersection with diverse ethnicities. They are felt in our dedication to serve the vulnerable in the thoughtful, caring, and supportive community that has become the hallmark of the organization. Both leaders have taught us that national pride does not equate xenophobic nationalism. Nativism is not patriotism. We strive to foster cross-cultural dialogue – and to make the Rizal Community Center a welcoming place for all.

In all we do, we remember them.

Elaine Lehman FACC

Executive Director


Jonah Selber


Dr. Rufino Crisostomo

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