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It’s the Special Month of Love


By: Kyla Tejero


As we observe Valentine’s day every February 14th, this year, we may be extra creative in expressing our love to people who are dear to us – our family, our friends, and those who impacted our lives in one way or another. In the midst of the pandemic, sharing love becomes more meaningful. With less human contact and face to face interaction, expressing our affection is taking many forms or extra effort using our electronic devices. Most of us are occupied with zoom, facetime, messenger or even TikTok. Whatever we do in expressing our love, the joy of letting another person how much we care about them is that which matters most. As the winter storm hits us in Chicago, may the reason to celebrate love in the month of February give us the warmth and excitement that we all need. The following young Filipino Americans have something to share about loving their lives by expressing their dreams and aspirations. If you’d like to be featured, please email me at

Carlo Manego says, “I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I hope to work in a critical care setting to help people at the lowest point of their lives and to help them get back on their feet. After graduation, I want to continue my education and pursue a career as a nurse practitioner. Moving into primary care will allow me to coordinate and take on more responsibility for the care of my patients.”

Dalanne Bearnod says, “I want to indulge myself into any opportunity my parents have laid out for me in order to help me become a more well-rounded person. As I encounter many different experiences throughout my life, I hope to give back to the community with what knowledge I get to help decrease the disparity of healthcare seen in society.”

Kyle Paas says, “As a Filipino American college student that is currently studying to become a nurse, I hope to learn more about human anatomy and how to use that knowledge into giving the best care possible to those who are in need. After graduation, I plan to further my education to instill knowledge of current and past medical practices to aid me in becoming a more rounded healthcare provider.”

Abigail Dizon says, “It’s important to me that I study hard while I’m in college so I can graduate. I want to get a good job so I can provide for my family, especially my parents, who sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings. One day, I want to be able to support my future children so that they can also receive a quality education and have a bright future.”


Dalanne (DJ) Bearnod
2nd Year
Physician’s Assistant
Lock Haven University


Carlo Manego
BS Nursing
Northern Illinois University


Abigail Dizon, Sophomore
BS Integrated Health Studies:
Behavioral Health
University of Illinois Chicago


Marielle Kyle Martin Paas
BS Nursing
Aurora University

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