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Chicago Principals: ‘We Want Schools Open and Your Kids Back in the Classroom


By: Reign C, Xavier D


Children must be back in classrooms and we all know that fi ghting and arguing will not fi nd solutions,” according to the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPAA) who have released two new videos to help parents understand the R.I.T.E. solution, which they believe is the best way to get Chicago schools open as soon as possible.

“We have to stop the fi ghting and get things moving forward,” said Troy LaRaviere, President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. “As principals, we have a different vantage point from the teachers or the school district because our role is different. We are educators, but our job is operational, to make sure in-classroom learning succeeds.”

“With school re-opening at a stalemate, our goal with the videos is to educate parents, students and the public about why our voices should be heeded and our plan adopted,” said LaRaviere. “Our Return to an In-School Teaching Environment (R.I.T.E.) plan is a solution that is based on broad and deep input from nearly 400 school principals and it will get in-classroom learning back on track with the operational, safety, and educational diligence the situation requires. We have been wasting too much time.”

The videos go through the various issues in the debate and show how the R.I.T.E. plan addresses them. “Right now, vaccinations are an issue because there are not enough vaccines to staff the entire district,” says LaRaviere in one of the videos. “If you start small and open 50 to 100 schools, then you can focus vaccinations on those schools.”

Regarding protective equipment, the video states, “Some principals say they don’t have enough. And those principals who do say they have enough aren’t sure that CPS will replenish them on time. And so, by starting with a pilot program of 50 to 100 schools, the district can get a sense of how quickly they go through the equipment, what the reordering rates need to be, so that when the rest of the district comes on board, they can keep up with the demand.”

CPAA presented their plan to the Chicago School Board at a board meeting on Wednesday, January 27. Now, six days later, the principals’ association has been in dialogue with the teachers’ union about the plan, but has yet to receive a meaningful response from the school district.

For more information about the Chicago Principals & Administrators Association, please visit the website at https://chicago.


Troy LaRaviere, President Chicago Principals and Administrators Association


“The Emperor”, Jeremiah Ray Abiera, on his first birthday celebration. Kung Heit Fat Choy!


Jeremiah Ray Abiera 1st Birthday on January 29, 2021, Jonathan & Nancy Abiera’s 9th grandchild. Jeremiah means “Yahweh will raise”. Ray means “Wise Protector/King”. Jeremiah’s Dad: Jeffrey Abiera; Mom: Ellen Abiera; Older Sister: Aliyah Abiera; Grandpa: Jonathan Abiera; Glam-Ma: Nancy Abiera.

Mom Joanne Gonzaga and daughter Bailey, from Manila, Philippines, celebrating Christmas in cold Chicago.

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