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Love is in the Air on St. Valentine’s Day


By: Joe Mauricio


With the month of February comes Red Hearts, Red Roses, and plentiful Sweet Chocolates and candies in showing our expressions of love. Thus adding a bit of commercialization tone for the occasion as more than one million boxes of chocolates and candies are given for St. Valentine’s Day every year.

St. Valentine’s Day (February 14th) celebrates love, or at least the love that’s typically depicted or stereotypically romantic, at times comedic or dramatic love. However, this is the time that people should take the opportunity to celebrate all kinds of love, and not just the so-called romantic love.

The focus on romantic love erases the love we feel for others and also excludes people who don’t feel romantic attraction or who are not into any kind of romantic relationhips.

Romantic relationships are not at all about happiness. Friendships result in high levels of intimacy, companionhip, stability and trust.

The love and stability that friends and family members afford for each other deserve to be celebrated as much as the love, stability and care afforded to significant others, and St. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show that appreciation and expression of love.

Broadening the Valentine’s celebration towards others also allows people who are traditionally excluded to enjoy the love festivities. Celebrating “V” Day in a strictly romantic manner excludes unromantic spectrum people whose lack of romantic attraction may feel alienated during a time when mostly romantic people define the season. Simple people who do feel romantic, but not currently in a relationship may also feel excluded because of this day’s exclusive romantic nature.

How to make this Love Day better, different, and more inclusive? Include friends, family, and other loved ones in the celebration. It’s the time to show that we love more people than our significant others, and everyone we love is as worthy of the St. Valentine’s Day celebration as our partners. Let’s make the love feeling to be in the air.

St. Valentine’s Day celebrates the bond and relationship between people. It is a day which teaches us how we should express our love, care and respect for anyone who is important in our life. It helps us to feel happy about our loved ones. It also shows us the importance of happiness we feel when we are around the ones who matter to us.

To all our Via Times readers, advertisers and friends, because you matter to us, here’s a sweet greetings of Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all of you! This is especially and heartfully dedicated to my one and only Irog, Veronica, on this special LOVE DAY!


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