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Miracle Updates During Feast Dates


By: Nancy Abiera


I wrote an article on “Feast Dating With God” last month.

This month, I am so excited to give you updates of the many miracles that took place just in one month of September.

I was in…

San Diego, CA on the first few days of September;

Chicago/Rockford, IL during the Feast of Trumpets;

Queens/Brooklyn, NY during the Feasts of Atonement and early part of the Feast of Tabernacle;

Angola, South Bend, IN towards the middle and end part of the Feast of Tabernacle and back to

Chicago on September 30 which is the 8th day of the Feast Of Tabernacle.

I shared in one on one and all small groups gatherings, retreats and conferences the importance of celebrating the Feasts of the Lord. These Feasts are appointed times where God Himself visits and manifests Himself miraculously. God showed up miraculously and showed signs and wonders to those who showed up on the Feast dates with God. Some received supernatural physical, emotional and mental healings; others got their financial breakthroughs while others have relational victories. Conservatively speaking, about an estimate of more than 300 people I witnessed received supernatural blessings. There was even quite a number of people were represented by their loved ones to receive healings as proxy. It is amazing how God showed His never-ending and never-fading faithfulness to His people on these set appointed times.

Some of you readers may think I may have been so tired and stressed out after all these … but you know what? I am still in the spiritual high. I am more energized and well rested. No elements of weariness whatsoever. God did them all. Let me share with you the secrets of feeling glorious in-spite of the packed schedule I had for the month of September. My secrets are I. . .


B . Became

E. Excellent

L. Living

I. Instrument &

E. Empowered

V. Victoriously &

E . Eternally

D . Devoted to God’s promises believing that He opened the heavens during the Feasts of the Lord pouring abundant blessings.


S . Sincerely &

H. Humbly

O. Obeying &

W . Worshipping

E. Eternal

D. Deity

U . Uniting

P . Powerfully

With God during the Feast Dates and actively wanting and waiting on Him.


R. Relied on God

E. Expectantly

S . Solely

T. Trusting Him alone &

E. Encouraged

D. Disciples

Resting seen to be foreign in America. People are so conditioned always to be


B . Being

U . Under

S . Satan’s

Y . Yoke and


S . Sensitive

T . Tired

R . Resentful

E . Edgy

S . Sad

S . Shameful

E. Exhausted

D . Disgusted

O . Overwhelmed

U . Unjust

T . Temperamental

Resting allows us to hear clearly divine revelations during sleep through divine dreams and while awake through divine visions. Rest lowers and diffuses our anxiety and replaces it with peace, joy, laughter and love. It is also during rest times that our body repairs. God rested on the seventh day so do we.

Rest is anti-aging as it make us look and feel younger and gorgeous. It is also anti- dying as it helps lengthens our life. Rest gives us better if not best and fulfilling life experiences.

Rest is also anti-conflict in relationships as it allows us to be patient and compassionate that results in better understanding of ourselves and others.

As we rest in God, it is my prayer that you continue to BELIEVE, SHOW UP and REST ever moment and every day as God showers you His continuous blessings.

In case you missed the Feast Dates, you still have opportunities this year during the extended 30-40 days windows of open heavens stretching till October 30-November 10, 2018.

FYI, take note of the Feast Dates for 201o as follows:

Feast of the Lord



Apr 19-27


Jun 9-10

Rosh Hashanah-Trumpets

Sep 30-Oct 1

Yom Kippur -Atonement

Oct 9 Sukkot- Tabernacle

Oct 14-20

Prayer: Lord, open my heart as I openly receive divine blessings to my spirit, soul and body of super-natural health/wealth and relationships. Forgive me for not being aware of the Feast dates and not showing up on those set appointed times. Please remind me always to keep and celebrate these Feasts. In the name of the Father, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Always choose “On A Bright Side”.

I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet God loves you the most.

Smile and be a blessing. . . Rev. Nancy H. Abiera



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