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Celebrating the History of Filipinos in this Country


By: Joe Mauricio


The month of October is celebrated by the Proclamation of Congress in the U.S. in 2006 to honor the achievements and contributions of Filipino Americans and their descendants living in America. Despite this remarkable passage, the American public is largely unaware of the Filipino American History Month commemoration.

Should not the contributions of Filipino Americans have the same national recognition as other ethnic cultural celebrations, such as the Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.?

The Filipino Americans in this country have done so much to shape and form virtually all areas of life in America, most especially in the healthcare profession.

As Filipino Americans, we must still act and speak up in order to be heard, as we have played and done so much in the development of this great nation.

The Filipino American History Month is a great opportunity to recognize and notice several millions with Filipino ancestry and their tremendous contributions to the betterment of this country. This month and every month, we appreciate their efforts in helping usher in a new era of American prosperity.

Filipino Americans have distinguished themselves in every sector of American life for many years. The tenacious Filipino spirit, paired with American self-reliance, has helped Filipinos realize the incredible American dream. With religious devotion, strength rooted in the love of family, and the confidence in the promise of America, Filipinos have engaged in the American experience in robust and meaningful ways. Their neighborhoods, schools, churches, workplaces have affirmed the importance of faith, industry, and learning.

It is, therefore, no wonder that many American art, talent, business and public life are marked by Filipino names, characters and symbols.

As we spend this month honoring Filipino Americans, we also pledge to further strengthen our relationship with the Pearl of the Orient (our Motherland), while at the same time looking forward to a bright future of greater friendship, cooperation, and commerce for centuries to come.

The upcoming 24th annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame gala event on November 10th is the culmination of our historical month of celebration honoring the Filipinos and Filipino Americans’’ Best of the Best, together with their outstanding Asian and mainstream friends.

We, at Via Times, call upon all Americans to celebrate the contributions of the Filipino Americans in this country that goes back several decades ago.

Mabuhay ang Filipino Americans in this beloved country of ours. Mabuhay all the 2018 highlighted Filipino American Hall of Famers on this month of our history commemoration and celebration!



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