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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year


By: Veronica Leighton


Are these three holidays mentioned at above title are your most favorite holidays? I have to admit that I do, and good thing that they are close in date for a good feeling of short continuous joyful celebrations. Though it seems that life is more hectic towards the ending of the year due to this triumvirate of holidays, and although that each has different meanings and origins, all have the same symbolism about God and family, and loved ones, and always, with lots of good food.

So with just a short message this time, I would rather like to regale you with wonderful images of our VT staff whose moods and minds are imbibed into the lively spirits of these fun holidays. Enjoy looking at the funny “turkey” Jan Paul Ferrer (Financial Topics, page 23), Faye Mendiola (Then & Now, page 14), and Rev. Nancy Abiera, On A Bright Side, page 29). Yet, meantime, enjoy the special holiday messages brought to you by your great favorite columnists, especially the beautiful spiritual messages from Pastor Edward Cortez (The Faith Factor, page 13) and Rev. Nancy Abiera.


Delightful and colorful Christmas trees illumination in our neighborhood in Rosemont, IL.


Jan Paul Ferrer (Financial Topics) enjoys parading as a “turkey” on Thanksgiving. Gobble! Gobble!


Faye Mendiola (Then & Now) at the Christmas/New Year political rally of Dr. Willie Wilson for Mayor of Chicago (VT cover this month) endorsed by Via Times last December 4th.


Nancy Abiera (On A Bright Side), having so much fun like a kid under the illuminating lights in our Rosemont neighborhood.

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