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Nick Vera Perez in ‘A Christmas Wish on a Silent Night’ Concert December 16, 2018 – Park West Theatre Chicago


Mr Nick Vera Perez
VIA Man Of The Year 2018
Via Times/CPRTV Hall Of Fame Awards
Recording Artist
Warner Music Philippines


The Cast Of A Christmas Wish On A Silent Night 12/16/2018, ParkWest Theater. L-R: Myah Vlahogenis, Princess Leayah, Jessica Hart, Irelyn ARANA, Rozz Daniels With Wolfgang Daniels, NVP, with Annthony Flis, Ms Mel Tolledo, Top Star Fairy Princess Katya, olivia, Davin, Elija and Sophia.


While performing “the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” With a sweet audience identified as Ms Shane Baines on that once in a lifetime Selfie. In green, is Ms Brittany Odes, who played the role Princess Medina, one of the Star Fairies!


The best group shot Xmas Time 2018!


Homebound for NVPHILIPPINES2019 Part 3 I Am Ready Album Mall and Campus Tours this May-June 2019


Mr Nick Vera Perez with Ms Sophia Traxler, a Probe talent kiddie Division sang her way out with our NVP, the theme song “Silent Night” and played the role Princess zelina.


Meet Mr Nick Vera Perez, as Prince Illumo, Best New Male Recording Artist 2017 nominee from the 9th PMPC Star Awards. Main Act Performer for the show A Christmas Wish On A Silent Night last 12/16/18 @ the PARKWEST Theater. Piano accompaniment by Darryl Sanceda who portrayed as his brother Prince Blanco.


We gave five donations to organizations and movements we believe in.
1.) Smile World Charities
2.) Jomalig Project USTNAI
3.) CPRTV / Via Times News Magazine
4.) Chicago Nightingales
5.) VDance Fever
L-R: Felix Llanes/ VDance Fever Rep. Rose & Phoebe Doruelo/ Chicago Nightingales, Veronica LEIGHTON of
CPRTV/Viatimes, Derek Tokarzewski, Mr United Nations 2018 honoring the charity distribution, Jane Macagba, RN, Amory Godwin Grijaldo RN, Both from USTNAI Project Jomalig, Kimberly Ferguson/Virginia, Olive DP/Washington, Rep from Smile World.


NVphilippines 2019 coming your way


Meet Ms Hannah Pawlak One of the core probe talents, growing everyday to a beautiful swan. She performed as Princess AVIA of the Fairyland Ville Heavens.


Meet Rozz Daniels From Wisconsin, fully discovered hidden rock star talent and is one of the newest Probe talents of NVP1WORLD. Played the role of Princess Sasa.


Meet Shyla Kosanam – portrayed a role as Princess Illumina.


Ellen Pawlak- Official Host Derek Tokarzewski- Mr United Nations 2018


A Mentor to Mr Nick Vera Perez On. singing validation, Mr Pete-Reuben Calixto happens to fly in from San Diego to honor the guest speaking request for the Christmas Show 2016 of NVP1WORLD.


Ms Olivia St as Princess Sasa


Meet Davin Arielle , an angelic opera singer in the making, NVP1WORLD newest Probe Talent


Ms Irelyn ARANA / NVp1world’s Balladeer female Probe talent

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