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By: Kayla Tejero


New year – New us – Same dreams – Fresh starts. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2022! I’m sure many of us spent New Year’s Eve and Day with dear friends or family to welcome the year 2022 with a big bang. Many of us may have set resolutions for ourselves to spend less time on social media, to workout more or to be healthier. For me, I am setting high hopes that this new year will depart us from the worst that the pandemic had brought us last year. It still feels like it is 2021. My prayers this year is for the virus to go away. I am hoping that we will all be free from illness, that we will be more conscious about helping ourselves and others from the virus, and for everyone to spread love and peace to one another. And as we return back to school for spring semester, I would like to encourage my fellow students to continue to strive for the best in achieving more of their academic goals as I do. Let us hear from our four featured college students for the month of January! If you’d like to be featured, please email me at

Allen Marcelino says, “As a Filipino nursing student, I want to emphasize the significance of Filipino culture in the healthcare field. We are known for our selfless desire to help those in need and our respect for others; I will use this knowledge to promote peace and, eventually, put an end to the Asian hatred that is on the rise in our country. As a frontline worker, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my patients and their families, demonstrating to everyone that Filipinos and Asians deserve to be treated with dignity.”

Adrian Colocado says, “My goal during my college years is to not only study hard and graduate, but to also make great memories with friends and others I meet on campus. I want to get involved as much as I can with clubs and organizations such as the AAPIA organization. After college, my biggest goal is to travel around the world, from places such Japan, Europe, Egypt, even to my home country the Philippines, I want to experience the wonders the world has to offer.”

Michael Alayan says, “I want to live a life that reminds people that we do not live forever. With this in mind, we should live our best lives. We should live our lives not at the expense of others, but rather for ourselves since nothing matters at the end except for our own happiness.”

Stephanie Ocasio says, “As a Filipino woman in college, I want to show people not only my age but also the younger generation that a Filipino woman can chase their dreams and goals. There are not many Filipino women I have met who are in this field, but I want to be able to make that population grow.”


Allen Marcelino, Senior
BS Nursing
Aurora University


Adrian Colocado, Sophomore
BS Nursing
Aurora University


Michael Alayan, Freshman
BS Business
University of Illinois at Chicago


Stephanie Ocasio, Sophomore
BA Architecture
College of Dupage

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