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Reflections on Life Changes


By: Veronica Leighton


For the new year’s beginning, it makes us feel good and right to look back at the recent past, time for reflection and walk down memory lane. Our ups and downs, challenges, battles, losses and certain dilemmas and obstacles in life are just some negative memories that we must not focus on to welcome the new year, yet we must include in our reflections on life changes. March 19, 2021 is the date that can never be erased from my memory forever as it was a day of a loss of a dearest loved one — the unbelievable sudden passing of my beloved spouse Joe Mauricio (my VT co-publisher), my friend, my partner, my love, my confidante, my go-to person, my everything. He’s now gone, away from my life, but happy and blessed in heavenly kingdom, I know for sure. Can’t help to shed tears during this time of remembrance moments.

The last two years of the Covid pandemic has brought us an onslaught of a deadly disease, devastating fears, and actual horrible deaths that struck many of our loved ones, and left us grieving over the many losses around our midst. Yet, through it all and looking back, this was the time that Via Times was recognized in the mainstream media when it was recognized and gifted by the McCormick Foundation’s Journalism Fund for its fearless news reporting of the dreadful Covid in our ethnic Filipino American community in Chicago. We felt a time of victory at that significant time. Thank you so much, McCormick Foundation!

This historical January 2022 issue of Via Times shows our optimism and bright outlook for the future despite the coronavirus onslaught of Omicron variant amid all kinds of restrictions and mandates that the government is imposing on the population. Sharing the latest CDC bright and hopeful data on Omicron:

• No deaths and one hospitalization have been reported in Omicron-positive people.

• Cases were mostly among young adults.

• Over three-quarters of those who had caught Omicron were vaccinated, and a third had received a booster.

• Some caught Omicron within two weeks after their booster shot, during which the protection is partial.

See, still sounds good and positive despite the nagging fears. Next question is, what’s next after Omicron variant? Oh no! After writing the above statements during deadline, a BREAKING NEWS appeared on my screen with a screaming headline of “A new variant of Covid–known as DELTACRON –has been discovered in Cyprus.” DELTACRON because of its omicron- like genetic signatures within the delta genomes. It answered my question immediately and will keep you updated.

Enjoy reading the interesting articles of our prayerful columnists, Pastor Edward Cortez on page 7, Pastor Nancy Abiera on page 29, and Melody Dizon on page 20. You will find Prof. Robert Boyer’s article on page 25, interesting and engaging reporting about the Covid and Politics from a barrio in the Philippines (almost direct from the horse’s mouth).

As usual, enjoy reading the January 2022 maiden issue of Via Times from cover to cover. ##


Cheers for the New Year to our readers, advertisers and friends!


Cooking columnist Sarah Turner with Veronica, enjoying her Christmas goodie ensaymada specialty

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