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Diocese of Juliet Western Cluster Simbang Gabi Celebrates its 25th


Final night Simbang Gabi at St Dominic Church Officiated by Bishop Emeritus of Joliet, Bishop R. Daniel Conlon.


Noel Ganay (PLFI Music Director) Directing the choir for nine straight days of Western Cluster Simbang Gabi

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The Church at St. Dominic During the Final night of Simbang Gabi


Robert Boehm at the drums playing 9 straight days together with our PLFI choir.


Olivia Sweeney performing the dance “Binasuan”.


Evelyn Francia and Alex Simbal of Eastern Cluster Performed at the Final night of Simbang Gabi.


Master of Ceremony Salve Messina and DJ Nel Tria.


Rj Turija, Edna Lubuguin, Fr. John Abulag, JoAnne Turija, Fr. Mm Cerna, Perlita Tarroza


Students from Hinsdale Central High School performed Tinikling.


Combined Final night: Simbang Gabi Eastern Cluster dance group led by Eastern Cluster Coordinator Joy Ranchero (pictured at the center) performed Bulaklakan Dance.


Large Simbang Gabi Backdrop! L-R Jane Miran, Melody Angstadst, Melanie Gaden, Angela Cascolan, JoAnne and Rj Turija, Alice Lagman, Vivian Ganaden.


The Gorgeous Mabuhay Arch adorns the entrance to the festivities after the Simbang Gabi Mass! Pictured here are the Jaococo Family from Bolingbrook!


Final night Combined Eastern and Western Cluster SG held on Dec 22, 2023 at St Dominic PLFI Simbang Gabi Coordinators Dance group.


From L-R Lynette Boehm, JoAnne Turija, Geraldine Gaden, Edna Lubuguin and Noel Ganay.


During the Final night celebration at st Dominic Church. From L: RJ Turija, Fr. John Abulag, JoAnne Turija.


From L-R Meng Yambao, Melody Angstadt, Kristy Pilar, Jane Miran, Caring Manuel, Joy Ranchero, Precy Monsalud, RJ Turija , JoAnne Turija, Fr. MM Cerna, Geraldine Gaden, Edna Lubuguin, Telly Yumping, Lynette Boehm.


The PLFI Wester Cluster Simbang Gabi Choir.


From Left to Right: JoAnne Turija, Alice Lagman, Fr. Sergio Rodriguez, Meng Yambao, Telly Yumping, Fr. Dindo Billote, Fr.Neil Badillo, Fr. Matthew Nathan, Fr. John Abulag, Fr. MM Cerna, Lynette Boehm, Carlyn Tran, Peigh Sabado, Geraldine Gaden.


The Church Parol Bearers. From L: Steve Boehm, Mr. Waterstraat,Jun Tarroza, Elgin Caseres, Gil Lubuguin, RJ Turija.

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