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Char Jutaan Villacorte 70th Birthday Celebration

Held at Seville Banquets Streamwood February 25, 2024

-Nilo Villacorte husband and the Lowe family
(Charmaine, daughter, Matt, son-in-law, grandchildren, Savana, Olivia, Aubrey & Jaxson) & son Neil Villacorte for their unending support
-The Tutaan and Villacorte Family
-Ester Caunca
-Lydia Villacorte Mendonez
-Nila Triste Villacorte
-Rick Bermundo – Videography and Photographs
-Sama Sama Project Band – Compliments of Engr Dodong and Genia Cabalona
-Performers: Eleanor Pascual, John Bamba & April Garcia, and Aubrey Lowe
-Clergies for spiritual support – Fr. Jess Briones, SVD,
Fr. MM Cerna, Fr. Moises Apostol, Fr. Carlos Llagas, Fr. William Antillion
-Marilyn Santos McNabb – cakes and desserts
-Roy Gatbunton & Jen and JP Gentallan
for balloons and decors
-Veronica Leighton – Via Times
-Cecil Tevis Abad – Gown designer from the Philippines
-All out of town guests who attended my special celebration

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