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Historic Primary Elections and Thanksgiving on November 2022


By: Veronica Leighton


As we have been feverishly working on meeting the November deadline before the huge observance of the nation’s historical and traditional Thanksgiving holiday every November, we were likewise faced with the midterm primary election campaigns in what will be the “most important election of our lifetimes as the election results will greatly impact the House and Senate majorities in Washington.”

So we paused and performed our civic duty, went to the polls and voted. See picture of lovely Jovie Calma (former VT columnist and CPRTV reporter), proudly showing our “I Voted” decals. Here’s what Jovie, now an active member of the Filipino American community in Phoenix, Arizona) has to say about the topic of “Voting”. (“I VOTED! I made the decision to take the “chance” to stand up for the issues I care about…to have the power to decide on the quality of life I want for myself, my family, those around me and future generations. I encourage you to DO the same. This is your life: take time to help decide what’s best. Today, November 8th, is ELECTION DAY for the primary elections nationwide. If you don’t vote, someone else will make the decision for you. Your power is in your vote. Make sure your voice is heard – VOTE!

Now, WE, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, MUST Come together and show to the world that our country, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the best place to live after all! GOD BLESS AMERICA! ” (Posted on Facebook and shared with Via Times).

Some Thanksgiving thoughts: As the older generation gathers together to have a festive get-together with family and friends to say prayers for the gifts of abundance and happiness and thanks for the blessings, the younger generation takes the opportunity to travel and party, and mostly line up and take advantage of attractive sales offerings from stores.

Still, from Via Times family, we wish everyone an enjoyable and glorious Thanksgiving, no matter how you celebrate it, we’re always here to serve everyone in our beautiful community.

Enjoy, as usual, reading the most interesting articles of your favorite columnists, particularly from our spiritual columnists, Pastor Edward Cortez (Faith Factor, page 13) and Pastor Nancy Abiera (On a Bright Side, page 29), whose Thanksgiving messages must be taken to our hearts, May we have all the abundance of happiness and gratefulness in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, followers, and fans! VVL#


former VT Columnist, now a resident and active personality in Phoenix, Arizona

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