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Land of Smiles is back! Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation brings interactive oral health education to local schools

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By: Boom Boom Cabalona, “X” Divinagracia, Christopher Miranda


As more than 2 million Illinois students[1] strive for success both in and out of the classroom this fall, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation is helping to ensure that tooth decay doesn’t get in the way of them learning and performing at their best. Returning to in-person shows, the newly revamped Land of Smiles program is being produced by The National Theatre for Children.

Captain Super Grin, champion of dental hygiene, and his nemesis Caz Cavity visited 10 Illinois schools last week as part of Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation’s interactive Land of Smiles program. In this fun and educational performance, the two costumed characters — alongside their sidekicks Terri Tooth Fairy and Toothpick — taught kids why teeth are important and how to take care of them, which includes how to correctly brush and floss. They also talked about the importance of choosing healthy foods and drinks and visiting the dentist regularly.

“For more than 12 years, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation has worked with Illinois schools to provide the Land of Smiles program — an engaging way to educate children on how to take care of their smiles,” said Lora Vitek, Executive Director of Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation. “Establishing good oral health habits begins early, and we can start children off on the right foot by educating them during the elementary school years.”

Tooth decay can get in the way of students’ attendance, concentration and performance at school. About 62% of Illinois parents report that their child currently has or has experienced a dental issue.[2] A checkup with the dentist is required by law for Illinois students in kindergarten, second, sixth and ninth grade. But it’s also key for students to maintain good oral health habits — such as eating healthy foods and limiting sugary drinks — throughout the school year.





Mom Jocelyn Needer (right) as a Grinch and son (11 years old) Mason Needer White (left) as a Clown for Halloween 2022.


The Gutierrez siblings, Rhyllen, Rhaiden, Rhynne, and Rhizelle, ready to go for trick or treating in their Skokie neighborhood. Parents: Ricky and Rose Gutierrez.


Brother and sister going trick or treating for the Halloween. Big sister Audrey Gutierrez in a witch costume, is 8 years old, while her little brother, Matthew, wearing a Squirtle (Pokemon) is 5 years old. Parents are Vic and Viki Gutierrez.



Happy Halloween from Dayrit siblings, Kris (13) and Jordan (11), both attending Sacred Heart. Jordan in witch costume and Kris in police officer costume. Parents are JayGee and Kris Dayrit.


Dad Chicoy De Tablan (uppermost) as a Money Heist, son Jordan Athan, 10 years old (left) as a Squid Game and Jaden, 3 years old (right) as a Mario. Thank you for cute costumes Mommy Mariquit Divinagracia.

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