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The Shrinking Turkey


By: Veronica Leighton


Of all the fowls that we eat, why is turkey synonymous with the Thanksgiving celebration, always serving as the centerpiece on the feast table? I guess we can trace the answer back to the history of the Pilgrims when they served turkey to the natives in New England for their grateful celebration, counting all the blessings that they had encountered in the new land that they had found. Why Turkey among the fowls, not ducks or geese, partridge or pheasant?

Maybe turkeys raised in the farms were plentiful, big in size, and cheap in price, good factors to consider at that time for feasting celebrations with the groups. That was then and stayed that way for many years that followed this historic cultural celebration. Unfortunately, these days, the prices of turkey is shrinking as fast as the shrinking economy. Turkey prices are expected to reach record highs this holiday season due to i nflation and avian flu, they say. Whatever, find ways and time to enjoy your turkey on this Thanksgiving, and add a little prayer for all your blessings in life, when you partake it. Happy Turkey Day to all!

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