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SPJ23 Journalism Convention to be hosted in Las Vegas

Join the Society of Professional Journalists in Las Vegas, Sept. 28- 30, for a terrific journalism convention! The SPJ23 Journalism Convention offers renowned speakers, hands-on workshops, educational sessions, networking opportunities, award receptions, a packed expo hall and much more.

With over 50 breakout sessions aimed boost your skills and keep you up to date on everything happening in the journalism industry, there’s sure to be something for everyone. This year, there will be sessions that dive deeper and run for 90 minutes, two hours or have multiple parts as well as the usual one-hour breakouts. There will be sessions on:

• Strengthening Your Reporting with General and Beat Specific Sessions

• Exposing Threats to Journalism and Journalists

• Diversity in Your Reporting and Newsroom

• Exploring Investigative and Data Reporting

• Using Technology and Online Resources

• Building Connections with Communities, Funders and Partners

• Career Tips and Transition Advice

• Connecting with SPJ

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