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All Things Grow in Love


By: Kayla Tejero


Happy month of love! We welcomed the new year with open arms last month. This month, we celebrate Valentine’s day which is all about love. We experience love in many ways. We receive and give love to our friends, family and sometimes to that special one. I am sure many of us will find ourselves enjoying a nice dinner, receiving and giving gifts, and spending time with those who mean the most to us. Moreover we can express love to our pets, through our career and through our passions and interests. I believe the most important form of love is self-love. It is defined by a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. We can practice self-love by taking mental breaks, having a spa day, or exercising. To love oneself means to have high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It means putting yourself first — above anyone and anything else. As a nurse, this is a concept that is very important to prioritize. A nurse cannot take care of others without first taking care of themselves. With love, we can’t love others without first loving ourselves. Loving yourself boosts self-confidence, self-worth, and promotes positivity. Not only can the idea of self-love apply to relationships and the world of nursing, but it can also apply to our college students. Let us hear from our four featured college students!

Allen Malit says, “As an Asian American college student, I would like to acquire my degree and use it to get into dental school. My end goal is to become a dentist and help out my community.”

Kyra Marie Bearnod says, “My goal is to give back to my parents. Attending nursing school in the Philippines has really opened my eyes to the sacrifices my parents have made by leaving their home country and moving to America. It wasn’t easy for them to start a new life from scratch and they have done everything they can to provide a good life for me and my siblings, and the least I can do is show my gratitude by helping them out once I’ve graduated.”

Keyan Eli Mayginnes says, “As an Asian American college student, my ultimate goal is to not only attain academic success through graduating with good grades, but also to foster a diverse network of relationships. This will enable me to gain a comprehensive understanding of different perspectives. Upon graduation, my aspirations extend to securing a career in the healthcare sector and being financially self-sufficient to support my family’s future.”

Basma Outhman says, “As a recent social work graduate and policy social worker, I advocate and represent vulnerable communities through policy change and community organizing. As my passion for advocacy grows, I aspire to attend law school next year and pursue a career in human rights law.”


Allen Malit, Junior
BS Biology
Lewis University


Kyra Marie Bearnod, Senior
BS Nursing
Central Philippine University


Keyan Eli Mayginnes, Senior
BS Exercise Science
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale


Basma Outhman, LSW
Master’s Social Work
University of Illinois Chicago

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