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Birds Fly South These Times


By: Veronica Leighton


Happy Valentine’s Day! Gong Hei Fat Choy to our readers!

The month of February is not only the shortest but busiest month in our calendar, but it is also the LOVE month, when people turn out to be LOVE BIRDS. And, like birds, they fly out of their nests to seek solace in warmer places.

Remember the popular song, “When the swallows come back to Capistrano”? Humans are the same way, they return to their origins. Geese, swallows,, mourning doves and dozens of other birds fly south for warmer climes. I would like to compare many VT staffers who have flown away, mainly to the warm Philippines to spend happy times with family and friends and, of course, to escape the blasting cold weather of Chicago.

We surely miss Girlie Pascual (GMail, page 12), who chose to celebrate her birthday this time with family and friends after four years of absence, same with James DC (LOL, page 28); Lourdes Mon (Insigh ts. page 18) and Faye Mendiola (Then & Now), for visiting and medic al mission; Jan Paul Ferrer (Financial page 23), for love; Rev. Nancy Abiera (On a Bright Side, page 29); Melody Dizon (Health Matters, page 20), flew away to beautiful Dubai and Maldives, for another honeymoon with husband Dino. Then there is our Sarah Turner (Cooking, page 15) who permanently moved to Houston, TX hotspot with husband Glenn, but has been so hospitable in egging me to visit as they’ve built a bedroom for me. She always begs for a visit.

Warm congratulations to Doug Nguyen (Social Security, page 25), for heading this year’s celebration of four-decades-old Asian American Coalition of Chicago on February 18th at the Hyatt Regency O’Ha re (read the release on page 25), with the Vietnamese American community hosting it this year.

If you are a Chicago resident, here’s reminding you not to forget to vote on February 28th, and vote for Dr. Willie Wilson, a humanitarian, and our cover feature this month.

Thank you to Girlie for remembering to send me her birthday picture with guest Thelma Dumpit, former CPRTV Anchorperson before Girlie took over and Thelma retired to the Philippines.

Enjoy reading your favorite columnists’ special stories and messages for this month’s issue. Love you!###


Happy Birthday to GMail columnist and current CPRTV Anchor, shown with former CPRTV Anchor Thelma Dumpit, past CH 5 Philippines Anchor. How nice that they could be together for Girlie’s great birthday occasion in Manila.


Doug Nguyen, Chair 2023, Asian American Coalition of Chicago


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