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A Happy New Year A Happier New Beginning Nick Vera Perez


promises good cheers to everyone as 2023 ended with immense gratefulness for the year that was and an excellent warm welcome to the upcoming one. Nick Vera Perez has simply planted many seeds that are all ready to be sown this year. In 2023, he won the coveted international male pageant of wit, charity, and tourism with numerous special awards representing the USA in the Mr. United Nations International World Finals 2023. He was on the cover of three magazines in 2023: Bisaya, a Visayan magazine of Manila Bulletin, KINGS, a World Class Kings Publications, and the Via Times News Magazine. He produced and sold out a one-night-only show in Chicago, Our Christmas, that gained 100% positive reviews for professionalism, world-class staging, and well-balanced vocal quality and prowess. He also celebrated his first year in his nursing employment at RUSH Health System since he returned to nursing after a 2-year hiatus taking care of his mom. In 2020, he left bedside nursing and decided to take care of his mother in a private-duty nursing capacity when his mom suffered a stroke attack. He continued to think of the future and planted the seeds of education, music, and prosperity with three words in mind: focus, consistency, and perseverance. The goals were to hit ten recorded albums, win an international pageant, graduate with a doctoral degree, and reestablish NVP1World when he hits Golden. He turned 50 last October when he celebrated life with private families and friends, which he considers stronghold catalysts. He achieved five albums, won the Mr. United Nations International in almost all eight categories, revived NVP1World with the classiest smashing success of his soft reopening offering show, Our Christmas 2023 held last December 10, 2023, at the Versailles Ballrooms A, B, C of The Double Tree Hilton Hotel by Skokie, IL. (Photos are inserted) and soon, graduating with a doctorate degree in nursing on January 19, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Nick Vera Perez was also nominated for the Community Hero Spotlight Award 2023, as sponsored by the Com Ed, and is awaiting results. His win will be shared with his chosen Smile World charity.

In 2024, he will continue sailing education as he pursues practicum hours for his FNP side (DNP-NP) title (a back-to-back degree requiring intense nursing practice). He also wishes prosperity and success to all as 2024 shares bright strength and zeal with the Dragon spirit of the year. The charities he founded under NVP1Smile World Charities will continue to serve humanity as he focuses more on ending hunger one step at a time. As part of his role as the Mr. United Nations International 2023, his platform of helping others help others help commences with programs stretching from Spring until he ends his term by October this year. You can follow him with the same social media handle on all social media platforms as Nick Vera Perez, a certified artist with a verified blue check. His albums (5) are varied, from Life’s Inspirations (Album 1: I Am Ready) to Love and Devotion (Album 2: NVP1’s More!), that garnered the highest streams to date with his lead songs Laging Ikaw, Nahuhumaling, and Spend My Life with You. His third album is raging with excellent reviews among listeners, especially during holidays time (Album 3: Our Christmas), where he was given the revival opportunities of Oh, Holy Night, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Jingle Bell Rock in Jazz formats. His fourth album was dedicated to his country of birth, The Philippines, where everyone can enjoy all-original TAGALOG hits, now launching a major resource and listening pleasure (Album 4: Parte Ng Buhay Ko (OPM)). Album 5 is his collection of all-new, all-original hits for his savior, the lord Jesus Christ (Album 5: Unafraid). His 6th to 10th albums are in the works, and he is set forth to do more shows in Manila in May 2024 titled “Thank You, MOM!” He is set to showcase his talent to everyone on August 17, 2024, at The Honors 2024 Awards Gala and is inviting you to join the occasion. The black-tie event invitation can be found in The Honors 2024 is a ceremony awarding dedicated individuals in their crafts that involved the four pillars of NVP1World: Music, Nursing, Arts, and Humanitarism (Love). It boasts of full digital hosting, programming, and flows that the new era is adapting. We recognize the world-class talent in you, the fantastic feats you have won, and the consistency in your work, Mr. Nick Vera Perez. Continue to be a blessing and more power to you as you bring the Philippine pride back on the map.


L-R: Pearl, NVP, Tina.


L-R: Lindy, Veronica, Jane and Rey Miran.


Marites, NVP, Lindy, Veronica, Mommy V, Carmelita ICo, Malu, Susan, and Jet Jet.


Father MM, ROd, Melody, Jane, Alice, Pearl, Joanne, Guest, and RJ.


L-R: Agnes, NVP, Margie and Pter Par.


The Guest Artists: L-R: Shyla K, Evelyn F, and Irelyn A.


Irelyn’s family and friends.


The Sponsor HongNing’s Wee family, and the raffle winners: Marilin Solomon won the second prize, an overnight stay at the Double Tree Skokie Hotel for two with breakfast, Agnes Huat for winning the 3rd Prize Electric Foot Massager, Divina Piper, Grand Prize winners with Mark Piper after Nick Vera Perez, for the 43-inch 4K LED Smart TV, and a $100 Gift Certificate

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