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Illinois Claims Top Spot as Epitome of Beauty Among U.S. States

Today, beauty pageants face scrutiny for promoting superficial beauty ideals. Yet, beyond the glamour, they hold societal importance by nurturing personal growth, embracing diversity, boosting the economy, and amplifying crucial social causes. analyzed data from beauty pageants, sexy celebrities, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and even the number of self-proclaimed models for hire to reveal the regions with the most attractive inhabitants.

Emerging as the epitome of beauty, Illinois proudly claims the coveted first place with an awe-inspiring score of 75.7 out of 100. The state stands tall with four Miss USA winners (0.03 per 100k people) and serves as the birthplace of three Victoria’s Secret Angels (0.02 per 100k), including the illustrious Karlie Kloss. Notably, Illinois is also home to two of the sexiest men alive (0.02 per 100k), for example the iconic Harrison Ford. The state’s higher ranking is fortified by its outstanding results per 100,000 people, securing its place above California.

In a neck-and-neck pursuit, California secures the second spot with an impressive score of 73.0 out of 100. The Golden State, renowned as a magnet for fame and success, boasts an impressive roster of six Miss USA victors (0.02 per 100k) and six Angels (0.02 per 100k), counting supermodel Tyra Banks among its most attractive residents. Additionally, California houses six of the sexiest men alive (0.02 per 100k), including the charismatic Michael B. Jordan and the dashing Ben Affleck.

Securing the third position, Texas flaunts a robust score of 72.1 out of 100. This Lone Star State is home to the most Miss USA champions, 10 (0.03 per 100k), and had three Teen USA winners (0.01 per 100k). Notable Texan beauty Chandra North contributes to the state’s allure, alongside the captivating presence of Patrick Swayze and the charismatic Matthew McConaughey.

Nebraska claims fourth place with a score of 63.5 out of 100, while New York follows with a score of 55.7 out of 100, making the top five with its unique blend of beauty. (

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