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New Year Cheer


By: Kayla Tejero


January is a month that signals a new beginning. It brings about the new year. It allows everyone to look back and reflect on the previous year. It gives us the opportunity to decide about continuing the old or embracing the new. The new year is full of possibilities. It can be good or bad. But as we ponder about where we are heading, We need to keep moving. We must always remember to take a deep breath and say, “oh this is a new year, time for a fresh slate.”

This past year has brought me lots of surprises. At the beginning of last year, I was reviewing for my nursing board exam. It was tough because I did not know what to expect. Being a nurse and working in a hospital setting has drawn me closer to how I want to envision myself and my life. I want to be on the side of people who are in most need of comfort and compassion.

This coming year has taken me to a different mindset. I want to travel and see different places. I want to meet other people in places I’ve never been to before. I want to take more opportunities to give random acts of kindness. I want to sing more. I want to work with more photographers to shoot pictures of me in my various moods. I want to meet both old and young people to exchange ideas. I want to build more memories in my new home. I want to spend more time with my loved ones – my parents, my friends and my extended family.

As we dream, have our hopes and aspirations, it is not enough to just do that. It is also important to build upon what we can do to achieve our dreams. Being patient with others, being confident in times of desperation, being hopeful that change will come and being accepting no matter what circumstances will make a huge difference in facing the new year. My column continues to bring in the hopes and aspirations of young Asians Americans. Let’s read on what they have to say. If not you want to be part of this column, please email me at

Krista says, “I will begin my career as a medical lab scientist at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center. I plan to stay in this field and aspire to obtain management positions in the future. As an Asian American graduate, I want to bring diversity and inclusion into this field, just as I did at my university with our Asian Women’s Alliance.”

Gill says, “I am a barber and I want to create a website that is an educational resource for barbers in the Philippines. I strive to create accessible education to further technical skills and nurture the barbering culture between Filipino American and Filipino barbers overseas.”

Michelle says, “As a Filipino- American nurse, I strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my patients as their advocate. In the upcoming years, I strive to further my knowledge of best practice and evidence based care by getting my Masters in Nursing. I aspire to learn to become a better nurse by growing both my heart and mind to continue to make a difference in the community.”

Liam says, “As an Asian American student, I hope to spread awareness and help people understand more about Filipino culture as I lead my school’s Filipino Student Association. After I graduate, I plan to find a career in one of computer science’s various fields, such as machine learning, web development, or cyber security, and work with a diverse group of people where I can continue to teach others about my culture and learn about theirs, as well.”


Krista, Graduate
BS Medical Laboratory Sciences
University of Kentucky


Gill, Graduate
Barbering Program
Paul Mitchell School


Michelle, Graduate
BS Nursing
Lewis University


Liam, Junior
BS Computer Science
University of Iowa

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