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Dr. Steve Kuban


Described as “One of the great worship leaders of our time*” Steve Kuban’s music brings you into God’s presence. His songs bring healing, victory and deliverance in the name of the Lord. He is an anointed worship leader, prophetic songwriter, gifted musician, teacher, and evangelist God has called to “Take worship to the nations.”

Dr. Kuban has recorded 20 worship albums, received four certified gold or platinum awards, and composed hundreds of spontaneous and prophetic songs. Several of his compositions, such as “The Lord is My Tower”, are favorites sung in homes and churches in many countries. He specializes in singing scripture songs to help people internalize and memorize God’s Word, using God’s names and titles in both English and Hebrew (Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Yeshua, YHVH, Elohim, Adonai, Tsevaot, etc). He is a beloved worship leader in many countries including Canada, India, Trinidad and especially the Philippines where his live worship concerts in over 50 different cities have drawn packed crowds of 5,000- 25,000 or more.

Dr. Kuban’s songs and CD’s are well-known and much-loved among worshipers, and his recordings, internet videos and television appearances continue to touch people in many countries. He writes songs for nations (such as Hear America and Touch the Philippines) and prophetic songs both spontaneous (I Will Fight for You, Trust in Me My Child, Battle School) and direct from Scripture (Jeremiah Chapter One, Leviathan is Dead, Return Unto Me (Malachi) etc.)

Dr. Kuban leads worship concerts, evangelizes, preaches in church services, and teaches worship seminars in over 40 countries.

*by Dr. David Mainse, founder of the 100 Huntley Street television show and president of Crossroads Christian Communications in Canada

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