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President Trump’s Ratimg Better Than Most Western Country Leaders


By: Joe Mauricio



President Donald Trump is more popular than most NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) country leaders who think they are better than he is. NATO is an international alliance that consists of 29 member states from North America and Europe. Of the 29 NATO member countries, two are located in North America (Canada and the United States) and 27 are European countries

America is a nation obsessed with approval rating like no other. But the U.S. media seems ignorant to the fact that President Trump is currently one of the most popular leaders of a major western nation in the world today.

Guffaw, if you like, but those are both regarded and regard themselves as better leaders have lower numbers than the American president— and while his are trending up, some of theirs are in free fall.

When ex-President Barack Obama left the world stage, he commanded a mid-40’s average approval rating over the course of his presidency.

The New York Times declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be the “liberal West’s last defender”. Less than a year later, after an election upset and an ensuing struggle to form a government, Merkel was horribly bruised and close to being ousted by her coalition partners in Germany. Both for having encouraged mass inward migration to her country, and failing to come up with a solution once the Germans figured out it wasn’t working for them. To the point that her approval rating stinks.

The latest MORI data gives British Prime Minister Theresa May 32% of Britons “satisfied” with her job performance, vs. 59% dissatisfied., as she continues to lecture President Trump over immigration.

A recent poll from France showed President Emmanuel Macron with a disastrous 30% approval rating contrasted with a 58% disapproval.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating sits at 37%.

The truth is, despite CNN’s insistence on throwing negatively spun graphics on President Trump, his approval rating is broadly in line, if not higher, than a number of western leaders in context.

And, they don’t have half of the antagonistic arms of the government, the media, or political opposition working – sometimes, hand in hand, against them.

Interestingly enough, Axios freely admits that the media is responsible for much of a leader’s approval ratings.

President Trump receives almost unanimously negative media coverage outside of Fox News, and people form their opinions on politicians mainly through the media’s coverage.

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