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March Celebrations of Easter and International Women’s Month


By: Veronica Leighton


We are now welcoming the most beautiful season of the year, which is Spring, the season between winter and summer. Beautiful and most-awaited Springtime gives us a lot of things to hope for, joy and appreciation of God’s miracles when the flowers give out buds and blooms of varied colors, grasses and trees turning green again, birds are chirping, the days get longer and nights get shorter, and the sun shines brighter and warmer. Spring gives us the feeling of hope, joy, and growth for many of us we all feel happiness within ourselves.

The exciting month of March celebrates Easter with feeling of joy for many Christians, as it is the reenactment of Jesus’ resurrection from his tomb after he died, Our Editorial on page 4 shares with us the meaning and traditions of Easter, and how and why we celebrate this religious and Holiest Day all over the world.

March also celebrates the International Women’s Day on March 8th and for the whole month of March. The IWD began as a protest for women’s rights in New York City in 1908 and was first celebrated internationally in 1911. It gained recognition by the United Nations in 1975, evolving into a global day that not only celebrates women’s achievements, but also advocates for gender equality, Via Times, for this reason, selected its own outstanding and exceptional women from VT family to recognize. Veronica’s Vibes on page 5 gives salute to the following women of noteworthy achievements: Jenny Guzon-Bae, Jovie Calma, Kayla Tejero, Sarah Lee Turner, Maria Girlie Pascual, Melody Dizon, and Pastor Nancy Abiera, Via Times proudly salutes you, ladies!

If there’s happiness, there’s also sorrow. March 19, 2021, three years ago, was the day that I lost the love of my life, my Irog, my husband, my partner, my confidante, my humorist, my soulmate. His death still brings me sadness and vacuum in my heart, and I always hope and pray that he is now in God’s kingdom and resting in peace.

Our March cover girl features Jenny Guzon, former Via Times columnist and popular CPRTV newscaster. Jenny has been a Yoga instructor after her VT/CPRTV media days, and is now a book author of “The Yoga Within You). Read about Jenny in inside page and Vibes page 5.

Happy Birthday to our March birthday celebrant, Melody Dizon (Health Matters on page 20), also featured as one of the women in Vibes (page 5) for making waves as an entrepreneur in the health field. She celebrated her birthday at Drake Hotel’s champagne brunch on March 3. Enjoy reading your favorite VT columnists. We’re likewise saluting our own male columnists who have been bringing you their fresh, well-written and interesting articles every month: Atty. Richard Hanus, Pastor Ed Cortez, Ryan Tejero, Doug Nguyen, Jan Paul Ferrer, and James DC.

Happy Easter to all!###


Memories of sweetest days with Irog (RIP).

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