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From the Readers

Thanks from a Hall of Famer

Dear Veronica,

I was truly impressed with last year’s CFAA Hall of Fame gala event. No doubt the 25th will be a super-fabulous one. Congratulations on your UP Alumni Association Award- well deserved. I believe in your vision and I can truly see how uplifting it is to see fellow Philippine Americans achieve their life-long dreams. Showcasing these achievements and successes in spite and despite of the many challenges we all face as Filipinos in our adopted country, had influenced how we are viewed and valued in the world. Thanks to you!

Elena de Jesus, Inductee 2018 Excellence in Nursing Leadership- National Award


Destruction of Expensive Cars and Valuable Fruits and Vegetables

As members of the “watchdogs” who are working to give the Filipino people, the news events and important happenings that occurred in the Philippines, including bad news and natural calamities, your immediate action is hereby requested to save these fruits and vegetables that were just uncovered today. As the VOICE of the Filipino people, you have the right to stop the wasteful and out of this world idea of destroying expensive cars and smuggled items to the Philippines, without any valid reasons, except the unexplainable thought of “lunacy” on the part of the people who decide to destroy and trash these expensive cars, instead of giving them away to different branches of the government for use or sell them to rich people.. “The outrageous reason that the smugglers themselves will buy them”… So what. that is “ridiculous”.. Let them buy them and arrest them for “smuggling” and illegal transportation of luxury items..

Just today September 11, 2019, it was broadcast on the News, that truck-loads of carrots, potatoes and onions were found to have been smuggled into the Philippines. According to the news, these fruits and vegetables will also be destroyed.. WHY?.. Why not give them away to poor people who can not even afford to buy them from the store? Some people are homeless that are only depending on some “hands out” from neighbors and friends, but most especially, the very poor who only lived everyday by being “scavengers” searching anything they can make use from the garbage. I found some email addresses of President Duterte, but they are not reliable at all. If any one of you receiving this email has the easy access to President Duterte and his close associates; by all means, do something to tell them, “never to waste” the graces of God. Our country has been the victims of all kinds of Natural calamities, that has been devastating the poor and homeless. When these calamities unexpectedly come, the poor people suffer the most and the government will be forces to give assistance and also the GMA and the ABS-CBN Networks will be there to help.

If we, the people, and the watchdogs and our voices are shutdown, the government will continue to do the mistakes they have been doing, for nobody told them to STOP the “wrongdoings” they have been unconsciously doing, NOT realizing they are doing 3wrong..


Thank you very much and God bless the PHILIPPINES.

Danny Pardo

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