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By: Elsie Sy-Niebar


*Our AMERICAN SCENE: the PRESS BIASES towards President DONALD TRUMP is WINning him a new mass of DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICAN VOTERS! A HUGE PLUS for his Re-election in November!
*DEMOCRAT Presidential aspirant JOE BIDEN shows confidence to take over the White House with his VP KAMALA HARRIS

Dear Kababayans (fellow countrymen): A personal appeal to your kind Hearts: While most of us “very active” folks have been deprived of our day-to-day life in our beloved America due to the deadly invasion of Covid 19, except for the FEAR of CONTAMINATION, our everyday life today is not as difficult compared with so many financially-poor folks in our Homeland, our beloved Philippines! Most of these folks used to live on their daily “kita,” our Pilipino term for “earnings.” But Covid-19 had killed this livelihood for millions of them even in metropolitan cities. One of my nephews told me that some jeep, cabs and tricycle drivers go to the extent of begging on the streets because their driving had been temporarily stopped due to Covid-19 and lack of passengers. They have small children to feed everyday. Such a very sad scenario particularly in metropolitan cities where there are no sources of natural food from the backyard gardens like what we have in the barrios. However, barrio folks are suffering, too. They barely get the blessings of a “free basket of food” from non-profit organizations. Yes, the Philippine government is working hard to help them. Even President Duterte does not look as “feisty” today. Let’s include him in our prayers for his health and safety. He always speaks about his concern for the people. Here, in our beloved America, non-profit organizations keep “showering” us with solicitation letters EVERY DAY! So they can help the hungry. So, dear Kababayans, if you know any of your relatives or even non-relatives in the Philippines who are in dire need, please try to share your blessings when you can… through a parish or church or through friends in the Philippines. The JOY of receiving their “Thank You”– sounds heavenly to our hearts. Thank you. too. God bless you all. Let’s continue to pray to Him to STOP the COVID “Seventy times Seven.” To be continued ‘till the end of time. Amen.


Yes, we read and watch them everyday in the news and even in our sleep, so to speak. Still we need to briefly re-set our minds who they are or who were they before reaching this “highest pedestal” as candidates for our highest government seats in America. The following is a brief introduction of Trump/ Pence (REPUBLICAN) and Biden/ Harris (DEMOCRAT) Teams:

Current President DONALD TRUMP (REPUBLICAN) for re-election: Of course, we ALL know him as a multi-billionaire businessman, who owns, among several others – the Trump Plaza; Trump’s Castle Casino Resort; Trump Taj Mahal; Trump Plaza in Chicago, etc., mansions, resort, sports team, name them. Marriages, divorces and children: In 1977, married Ivana Zelníčková Winklmayr, a Czech model, with whom he had three children—Donald, Jr., Ivanka, and Eric; divorced in 1992; married American actress Marla Maples, had a daughter, Tiffany, divorced in 1999; and in 2005, married the Slovene model Melania Knauss, have a son, Barron. Melania Trump is the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States when Trump became president in 2017. Unlike the “racist” put-down made by Bette Midler, a songwriter???, that “Melania” still don’t speak English” when she delivered her supporting endorsement for her president husband; I listened to her and she was good, made lovelier by her foreign accent. Like ALL OF US – hard-working Immigrants who studied CORRECT ENGLISH made more “enchanting” (said my late American husband) with our native accent! Melania speaks good English with a charming accent. The Press has it that she also speaks four or five other languages fluently.

MIKE PENCE, for Vice President, for President Trump — Mike Pence was born on June 7, 1959 in Columbus, Indiana, as Michael Richard Pence, married Karen Pence in 1985. They have three children. Government offices he held: Governor of Indiana, 2013-2017; Republican US representative from Indiana; attended Indiana Hanover College. His vision of service: “The presidency is the most visible thread that runs through the tapestry of the American government. I believe in servant leadership, to respond to where am I needed most? It’s time to stop the raid on the Social Security trust fund and start allowing Americans to invest their Social Security taxes in personal savings accounts. I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order. I believe in evolution; the view that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them. I do believe in that fundamental truth.”

THE DEMOCRATS: MR. JOE BIDEN, running for PRESIDENT (DEMOCRAT). Who is Joe Biden? Joe Biden was the Vice President of America to former President Barack Obama. He was selected as Vice President twice when Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. He became the fifth-youngest U.S. senator in history as well as Delaware’s longest-serving senator. Joe was also famous for his work on Criminal Justice Issues.

KAMA HARRIS, as JOE BIDEN’s vice president running-mate: She is a junior U.S. senator from California. She knows fully well that many employees who are subjected to Union monopoly bargaining would be better off if they weren’t. She told the U.S. Supreme Court that very thing. In 2015, Ms. Harris and several other statewide California office holders, admitted that laws authorizing a union hierarchy to act as sole spokesperson for members and nonmembers alike in contract negotiations with the employer, can and often hurt talented employees. Then, Ms. Harris was the Golden State’s attorney general.

There you go, Voters. Their fate to Win lies in your hands. You know what kind of governance WE ALL WANT and NEED to MAKE AMERICA ALWAYS THE GREATEST “PLANET on EARTH.” GOD BLESS AMERICA!

A QUICK LOOK AT OUR BELOVED COUNTRY, the PHILIPPINES: Once upon a time a Colony of the USA, which taught us to speak English and some American ways of life we now enjoy as Immigrant Americans in America. As we all know, one of our difficult problems in the Philippine government is the sharing of powers among the POWERS THAT BE back-dropped by dishonesty and corruptions among some elected officials. Just like in any country for that matter. Except that in the Philippines, at times it goes up Sky High and lose of freedom among the non-influential. Very sad, indeed. Like right now, we can see how President Duterte has changed physically. Let’s keep him in our prayers.

To all our Via Times readers, brothers and sisters-inthe- Lord, let our PRAYERS never cease. Our God, Your God, listens.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and Vice President running mate MIKE PENCE, glee-fully entertaining the crowd at one of their campaign trails.


Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate for Vice President, having fun meeting with the voters with Joe Biden for President!

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